Kadoya Japanese Sushi

1036 Davie St (just West of Burrard), Vancouver, BC . /also at 1184 Denman

604-608-1115 /604.609.9999

Kadoya is a fantastic little japanese place with a large menu. The menu includes all sorts of regular item for a reasonable price (tempura, gyoza, maki, edamame, cripsy teriyaki, inexpensive boxes, etc.). Everything I’ve ever had there has been delectable – with quick service and very affordable prices it soon became a regular place to hit up for dinner or late lunch.

But T.H.E. best thing about Kadoya that really sets it apart are the special rolls ($7-9). Aren’t you bored with maki and california rolls by now? Me too; therefore, this is exactly what the critic needs.

The list of special rolls includes: Spider (crab, yam), Dragon (tempura prawn, eel), Princess (veggie), Volcano (spicy salmon) and many others. There are also some pretty wacky variations the Canuck (bacon), and the dessert roll (hot bananas, whipped cream and pop rocks, anyone?). Though some of the main ingredients in the special rolls could include pumpkin or butter; don’t fear to ingest. They are all delicious and humongous! The large pieces may be intimidating — but they will fit into the mouth in one go, just barely.

At Kadoya $10 will go a long way and for $20 your pants’ll be popping open by the time you leave. I don’t want to become a Homer with Food Box – but I would give Kadoya nine thumbs up (if that made any sense). So, all I will say is: Kadoya is a colorful place to get a great meal for your $$.

Kadoya is all around delicious good times — however, be warned that their place is pretty teeny. The service is super fast and efficient – they’re damn busy so they want you in and out. If you wanna lounge around and hang out with your friends all day then  take out = good idea.

Open: Until 10pm nightly

Reservations: recommended


Kadoya has opened a new location on the corner of Denman and Davie! The new location opened in May 2010 and features the same great menu. A big plus at the new location is that it is ultra spacious in comparison and seats about 60. It’s perfect if you don’t like being elbowed by your dinning companions. This gem is located at 1184 Denman on the second floor (above Beard Papa’s). It is open for dine in or takeout Wednesday to Monday from 11.30 – 10pm. 604-609-9999.


Perfect pairing:

Apostle of Hustle – National anthem of nowhere

Guitar pop with a strong Cuban root. The Latin influence maintains the drive which keeps the album from getting lost in an artsy Broken Social Scene way.


Stars of Track and Field – Centuries before love and war

This trio from Portland brings us emotional indie pop layered overtop a generous helping of electronic percussion. Snow Patrol meets the Postal Service. You’ll be glad Tony Lash stayed in the business after parting ways with Elliott Smith.

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