Jang Mo Jib

Jang Mo Jib Korean Restaurant

1719 Robson Street, Vancouver (near Denman)


Jang Mo Jib is a great little Korean family-owned chain (there are other locations in Vancouver and Richmond). This particular location is set in what I jokingly refer to as “Little Korea” — so what sets it apart from the mass of other Korean restaurants in the area? Three main things:

1-It’s more traditional Korean and less americanized than some other nearby places.

2-It’s a little more expensive with better quality food and larger portions.

3-It’s open until 5am on Friday/Saturday and 2am the rest of the week!!

Of course, the restaurant starts you off with the traditional Korean sides (kimchi, cabbage, seaweed, potatoes, and radish — but don’t get your hopes up: no kiwi salad here), and a jug of Barley tea. The tea is usually served lukewarm — which seems sorta gross but works out really well; because we all know it’s nice to have a sorta warm drink in the winter and that it sucks to have hot drink in the summer.

Lukewarm tea = perfect year-round. 

The dishes here are huge and fantastically delicious! Three of my favorites are the Jap Che ($15), the Bulgogi, and the seafood pancake ($15).

The Jap Che (or Chap Chae) has thick chewy noodles, the transparent kind…potato noodles?.., and loads of yummy marinated vegetables with amazingly flavorful beef. It arrives at the table as a huge steaming hot iron platter. 

The Bulgogi is a dish I find to be very similar to the Jap Che. It has delicious marinated sirloin slices that are barbecued (bulgogi literally means ‘fire meat’ in Korean…but not fire as in ‘spicy’ – fire as in ‘cooked over a fire’) and then they toss in a bunch of tasty veggies and it all comes down to some goo-ood eatin’.

Jang Mo Jib’s seafood pancake is the best I’ve ever had. It is huge and super crispy with a really good amount of squid, shrimp, shredded crab, and green onion. Crispy outside and almost a cakey inside.

Jang Mo Jib is known for its beef broth soups — the light, flavorful broths are made over a 24 hour simmer. The broth is used in a variety of soups — so far I’ve only had the tofu soup; but it is fabulous! The soups are served either in a small iron pot as individual dishes or at the table in a giant pot set bubbling over a portable tabletop burner. The soup will continue to simmer throughout the meal and the liquid reduces, becoming a delicious concentrate of spicy goodness.

When I say the dishes are big — I mean it. Think of chinese food and the style of everyone sharing a couple plates. One dish per person is more than enough. I’d recommend that you take the leftovers home — but sometimes the service is pretty bad and maybe you don’t want to wait around for 45 minutes for someone to pack up your food. 

If you have a problem with spicy food — I don’t generally recommend Korean, but this place has a ton of great alternatives that won’t melt your face off. 

I give Jang Mo Jib 10 drunk thumbs up for serving me at 3 in the morning every weekend. Plus, when I’m drunk I don’t notice the mediocre forgetful service nearly as much. 


Perfect pairing:

Sleepercar – West Texas.

jim ward takes a step back from post-hardcore to bring you a lovely alt country album. It will slowly grow on you eventually breaking your heart. Think Old 97’s with less wit and more sad regret. 


MGMT – Oracular Spectacular

Psychadelic pop that will set you into a relaxed shimmy.

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2 Responses to Jang Mo Jib

  1. Tzar Bi Kinmu says:

    I demand more Korean places to be added to this. Dae Bok Bon Ga has that really nice soju cocktail. But alas, I like the sondobu (tofu soup) more at Jang Mo Jib. We should go for a meat platter some time.

  2. Tzar Bi Kinmu says:

    This place is tasty and what not, but service on super busy days like the fireworks night is kind of sad. It’s cute and all how they try to get as many people through as possible, but they miss out on the pleasantry like giving you a plate, or giving the food to the person. I didn’t appreciate how the food was just left at the edge of the table.

    But I guess that happens when you have 3 different servers in the span of 30min, bringing you 4 different dishes. Food quality was still good though, I thought.

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