Beard Papa’s

Beard Papa’s fresh ‘n natural cream puffs

1184 Denman Street, Vancouver (at English Bay, inside the St. Germain Bakery)



Okay this isn’t exactly a restaurant….but why limit yourself to reviewing only restaurants when there is so much amazing food offered in other ways? Sometimes the bakery counter is the right place for me.

The Japanese king of the cream puff, Beard Papa’s has finally found its way to Vancouver. This world-wide chain opened in Osaka in 1999 – since then it has opened stores in China, Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, and the United States. The shop in Richmond has had tongue wagging and mouths watering since it opened in late 2007. Now for many of us, the time spent commuting to the puffs has been reduced as a shop is now open in the West End.

The Beard Papa’s cream puff is a choux pastry shell filled with whipped cream custard. The choux is a light pastry dough which is the same as the one used in the making of profiteroles, eclairs, and french beignets. These huge cream puff  treats are available for a mere $1.75. The vanilla is fantastic — but they have alternate flavors on different days – be it chocolate, strawberry, or green tea. Hopefully this location will flourish and some of the other specialty flavors will become available here (pumpkin, Earl Grey, Èclair, coffee, and caramel). Get the pack of 6 ($9.50) or 12 ($19).

The puffs are really large and filled with mounds of cream — things can get a little messy if you’re not careful! Thankfully they will stuff your bag with a dozen napkins.

The “fresh ‘n natural” in the title means that Beard papa’s doesn’t use preservatives. And everything there is baked fresh daily (baked, not fried as it is for beignets). Another ‘secret’ that makes their cream puffs so amazing are that the custard and cream are combined just before the puffs are filled. And of course, they only use top-quality ingredients: Madagascar vanilla beans, Bavarian dark chocolate, and Japanese green tea extract…..hmmmm why is it that good quality stuff always begins with a capital letter? Location = quality!

The other treats are also nice when you’re in the mood for a sweet pastry snack. Eclair ($2), it’s pretty much their vanilla cream puff with dark chocolate melted on top and then chilled. Fondant au chocolate ($2.5), rich yummy chocolate lava cake.

Hurray! Beard Papa’s for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

My only tip to you is: do not let any boys near your cream puffs – or they’ll be all gone and you’ll be left wondering why you only bought a box of 6 instead of 12.

Hours: 12pm-10pm daily


Perfect pairing:

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