Pancake House

Pfanntastic Pannekoek Haus

2439 54th Ave SW (on crowchild near Mount Royal College), Calgary AB



This pancake house is the greatest I have ever been to (in N.America) – it makes me resent the De Dutch on Robson for being so mediocre and expensive in comparison. 

Let’s not get confused here – these are nothing like the regular flapjacks you’re used to. Theses pancakes are a Dutch specialty (similar to crepes). The Pannekoek’s are 12inches in diameter, they’re rolled out thin with the ingredients baked right into the batter. What kind of ingredients? Well, there are 2 main differences amongst the pancakes: savory or sweet.

The savory pannekoeks ($7-12) have ingredients that combine one or more of the following into the batter: onion, potato, cheese, sausage, bacon, leeks, tomato, mushrooms, ham, peppers. Sorta like what you’d get if a crepe and a pizza had a baby. They’re all gooooo-oooood. An important point: the stroop is fantastic on all the savory pancakes – so don’t be grossed out – load it on!  The sweet pancakes are also a deeeelightful treat ($6.5-11). The sweet flavor options include: jam, chocolate, bananas, strawberries, saskatoon berries, apples, mandarins, blueberries, pineapple, coconut, cherries, and whipped cream.

You’ll be tempted to get both a sweet and a savory – but trust me – it’s impossible to eat that much, unless your name is Tom Vogel. These things are huge! My advice is to go with a friend or sweetie so you can order one of each and split them. Of course, if you’re not that popular then you should go for one of the sweet+savory options. You could get a ham, bacon, and raisin ($12) or an apple and cheese ($11). Don’t fear – all the flavors are tasty. I recommend the specials – they come with more ingredients are are fancier than the regular pancakes (like the Black Forest: cherries, whipped cream, ice cream, and chocolate sauce. Or the House Veggie: tomato, onions, mushroom, cheese). I was strongly tempted by the monthly specials this time around. For the savory – STEAK! Whoa! A steak pancake?! You’re SO in Alberta!  For the sweet – raspberries – hell yea! August rules! I didn’t get a steakcake but I did sample a bit of the raspberries and I’ve got to say they were amazing! That perfect sweet meets tangy tart poured all over ice cream topped with vanilla and chocolate whipped cream.

Ohhh – I almost forgot about the drinks. Well, they have good coffees and teas (the hot drinks are all served with a yummy ginger cookie). But the best thing is the cassis! I LOVE cassis and it’s not as readily available here as it is in Europe. Anyway – at Pannekoek the cassis is a carbonated black currant drink and it’s very very very worth the $3.05. 

The service at the Pannekoek Haus is fast, sweet, knowledgeable, and flexible. They will be fairly accommodating…giving you tips – letting you share- teaching you how to pronounce “Stroop”. the whole deal. They’re like this even when they’re super busy (which is pretty much everyday before 2pm). 

The point is: the Pannokoek Haus is a true dutch dining treat. You’ll agree if you actually get off your butt and go there. Sure, it’s not as convenient as a stampede breakfast in the safeway parking lot…. but it’s 28064112 times better and it’s available year round.


Open: Wed – Sat until 8pm, Sun 8-3pm, closed mon and tues.

Parking: yea – there’s tons

Reservations – make them if you wanna go for weekend breakfast or brunch.

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Kylie Minogue – X

Uber girl pop…but not in the unbearably annoying way. It’s infectious – good times at a European dance club at 3am. 


Sinteerlkass liedjes

Traditional Dutch St. Nicholas songs as per the ones sung on December 5th.

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