Samba’s Brazilian Steakhouse

1122 Alberni St, Vancouver (downstairs)



Really, is there anything better than having meat carved off a skewer at your table? I’m hard pressed to think of anything more lavish. This lively latin restaurant really goes all out to ensure you have a festive and flavorful dining experience.

This huge restaurant offers something amazing for the meat lover in all of us… well, most of us. Though Samba’s does offer vegetarian options — I wouldn’t recommend it for a veggie — this place gets all its sizzle from the meats. 

Okay, Samba’s is not cheap — they do have a regular menu of seafood and veggie dishes…but who cares?! Get the rodizio aka the all-you-can-eat. It’s $29 ($32 on weekends, $16 for lunch) but it is very worth the $$$. it’s the best all-you-can-eat I’ve ever had. EVER. EVER!

First off there’s salad bar and buffet — but it’s not the limp iceberg lettuce and jello squares you’re used to. It’s delicious mussels, shrimp, salads, salmon, guacamole that’s the best I’ve found since Mexico, mashed potatoes that rival my own, and I dunno what they’re called — but these scrumptious deep fried banana donut things that made my taste buds sing! The salad bar provides a decent balance to the meat-centricity of this restaurant, there are enough green goodies available to make you feel sorta healthy.

As good as the salad bar/buffet was — the meat skewers were amazing — zing! The super polite servers come around to each table offering slices of the following meats:



Beef Tenderloin




They’ll slice as much off each skewer as you want and they’ll come back many many many times to offer you more. Yummers! The veal was a little salty for my taste and I was disappointed by the buffalo. The chicken was succulent, the pork was juicy and fabulous, and the lamb was tender! And the beef…oh, the beef! This tenderloin was fan-freakin’-tastic! And, for all you skeptics, this Albertan knows her beef. It doesn’t matter whether you get an inside or outside cut – the beef will be amazing!! It’s rare and tender inside, charred on the outside, and it’s oh so damn good! 

Final Bonus: The tiramisu. As many of you know, I am a total dessert snob and it takes a lot to wow me. Samba’s wowed me with their tiramisu. I don’t care how full you are afterwards, get the tiramisu. It’s light, creamy, fluffy, and heavy in the coffee flavor department. 


Samba’s also offers cheesecake, creme brulee, banana flambe, and chocolate port pedestal at $7 each…but if I’d tried more than one dessert I would have exploded. 

Friendly service, endless mouth watering meats and amazing desserts. Why not choose Samba’s for your next night out? — No, I did not get paid to write that. 

Rodizio for all! 100% thumbs up for Samba’s. This restaurant really makes me want to go to Brazil instead of Europe next year.  But, uh, skip the buffalo. Seriously, it’s not their specialty — but why would it be? How many buffalo are there in Brazil anyway?

Open: 11.30-3 and 5.30-10pm (until 11pm on weekends)

Reservations: Recommended – especially on the weekend.

Bonus: Sexy Brazilian dancers on weekend nights and live music Thurs – Sun from 7-9!

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Perfect Pairing:

Claude Duke – Songs from Brazil

Garage band meets trained guitarist.

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