Maria’s Taverna

Maria’s Taverna


Address:1037 Denman Street, Vancouver, BC
Tel: 604 681 8500

Mounds of super yummy greek food at affordable prices! What more do you need to know?

Okay, specifics…the lamb shoulder, grilled squid, and moussaka are absolutely fantastic! The moussaka is a mere $15 for a heaping serving of eggplant, zucchini, and seasoned beef in a mouthwatering casserole — with a side of greek salad. The marinated broiled squid (kalimari) is the most tender squid I’ve ever had the pleasure of eating. For only $16 the squid (like most of the dishes) is accompanied by roasted lemon potatoes, rice, and a fantastic greek salad covered with salty feta.  The squid is so good, I order it almost half the time. But what I almost always order is the kleftiko – oh god, the Kleftiko! It is the best lamb I’ve ever had! $18 for a virtual mountain of lamb shoulder that falls off the bone and melts in your mouth with a delightful combination of spices. 

Other notable enteries on Maria’s menu include the tasty chicken souvlaki, the surprisingly flavorful dolmathes (stuffed vine leaves), the Keftedes (meatballs), the Spanokapita (spinach and feta cheese pie in a light phyllo pastry). Okay….fine, I think most things there are quite tasty – I’ve never had anything bad or flavorless. You can get a good sample of all things delicious by ordering the Greek Platter for Two ($47) which includes more than enough food for two by loading on all of the following: greek salad, creamy tatziki and warm pitas, rice, roasted potatoes, chicken skewers, stuffed vine leaves, meatballs, the mouthwatering squid, and the mind blowing lamb. The majority of the platter for two is pictured below – separate plates were needed for the salad, tatziki, rice and potatoes. Anyway — I don’t think this photo does justice to size of the food. I can only explain by saying that each meatball was nearly the size of my palm. 


The squid is on the left, chicken on the top, vine leaves on the right, and the famous lamb in the center of the platter. 

Maria’s relaxing Mediterranean inspired atmosphere is pleasant with low lighting, requisite blue and white decor, and new yet traditional greek music. 

On a slightly negative note — the service at Maria’s has been up and down. Sometimes the waitresses are polite and efficient. But there have been times that the service was slow, forgetful or just plain rude. However, I have found that the good times outweigh the bad. I would certainly return to Maria’s and recommend it to anyone for a decent and affordable Greek experience. 

Open: for lunch and dinner. 

Reservations are recommended – especially on the weekend or at popular dinner times. 

End note: I’ve heard repeatedly that the Kits location – 2324 W 4th Ave. 604.731.4722 is even better than the Denman location. 

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Perfect pairing:

Fleet Foxes – s/t

Can Baroque also be pop? Dreamy, soothing, familiarly pretty. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again “Thank you, Sub Pop!”


Eleftheria Arvanitaki

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