Transylvanian Traditions

Transylvanian Traditions - Bakery and Sweet Shop
These baked goods are worth paying for!


1111 Davie Street
Vancouver, BC
(604) 682-0096


This quaint little bakery, located on Davie and Thurlow, offers a variety of rum soaked transylvanian treats. All of the offerings are scrum-diddly-umptious. From the more traditional fare (the cream filled chocolate eclair) to the lesser known cakes (Transylvanian Sunrise: a white cream cake dotted with bits of Manadarin) each delectable piece is worth it’s weight in gold…I mean, price in Canadian currency. The cake pieces are hefty and the price tags reasonable (around $3 a slice).I had the good fortune to scarf down a bit of the Nescafe Snicker Bar. Of course, my husband and been sternly warned beforehand to keep his paws off of it. The bar is thinly veiled in a deliciously airy chocolate coating – underneath which lie layers of Nescafe cream alternating with a chewy nut filled cake. (They have another similar bar – made of Nutella and hazlenut, in case Snickers isn’t your thing). Plus, I had the good fortune to dive my fork into some of the yummy concoctions my friends bought. But forget all that goodness because this is all you need to know: the best-not-to-be-missed-super-sensation is the Salami. Yes, Salami.


(please allow me to apologize for my poor quality camera)

Okay – it’s not, like, for real Salami – it’s white cookie bits held together with rum chocolate. It is an amazingly delicious soggy cake super treat! I generally don’t like my baked goods to be too wet – but if they’re a little damp because they are soaked with RUM, then I can make an exception. Yes, once I had a disgusting pumpkin pie swimming in Rye – but that’s another story. The slices are a mere $1.25 each. I snapped up four of them; but, once I got home I was wishing I’d sprung for twenty or thirty of them. After one bite I turned into a bit of a maniac and refused to share, snarling at anyone who dared to glance in the direction of my super treat.

What’s my favorite thing? Well, besides the salami…The blonde behind the counter loves her job. You can tell. With just a little bit of prodding he shyly reveals her personal favorites and explains carefully how each item is lovingly created using special techniques to bring out the amazing texture or special flavor combination in each treat. No, they don’t have donuts, or merigue, but they do make birthday cakes and crazy stuff you’ve never heard of before. But that’s part of what is great about it. It’s Eastern European. How often do you run across a place like that? Just buy up whatever they have on today and don’t worry about it. It’ll be great. And I know – I’m not just some sort of optimistic nutjob who doesn’t know what the heck she’s talking about. I was cruelly tricked by Transylvanian Traditions. If I may veer off for a moment…As I was walking down the street I saw this sign posted outside the bakery on the wall:


and I went ohmygodohmygodohmygod! I have to try that! So I waltzed inside and looked around feverishly for the walnut caramel dough. It was nowhere to be found. The girl behind the counter asked if she could help me and I said “yes, I want the curly thing I saw pictured outside”. And she said “sorry, but we are sold out”. Then she proceeded to bring one out from the back while she explained how they caramelize the sugar just right to get the crispy outside, soft inside. Um…okay, then she calmly put the Kurtos back behind the counter and told me to come back tomorrow when some more would be available. I felt like I was on Punk’d or something.

See what I mean? Weird beginning  – but it all worked out. I am pleasantly full of rich delicious cake and my sweet tooth is satisfied. Plus, I have the  Kurtos to look forward to another day. So do not fret over the lack of sugar cookies or that you’re not entirely sure what a boema or the nuga is – just buy something and let your taste buds swoon.

Oh, and a friendly business venture to throw your way – if you can figure out how to bottle the warm, sweet, nutty smell wafting out of that place – you’ll be rich beyond your wildest dreams.

Please note: They only take ca$h.

Open: 11am-9pm daily. Weird, no? The times are late for a bakery.

Perfect pairing:
Silversun Pickups- Swoon

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  1. Alex says:

    Dear Madame or Sir,
    We appreciate very much your complimentary review in regards with our bakery and we thank you for your sincerity.
    We would like to anounce the fact that now you can visit and enjoy the Heaven of desserts. The web site link that you posted on top of your wonderfull review is broken.
    Please accept out appreciations and respect.
    Transylvanian Tranditions Bakery personal.

  2. lynbot says:

    Thank you, Alex! The problem has now been corrected.

  3. POF login says:

    I couldn’t resist commenting. Well written!

  4. Caro says:

    Wow, does that cake look great! I hope you enjoyed it! I wish I was there to have some too! How very tohughtful of Mary and Sarah you have some really good friends.

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