1459 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC
(604) 677-4111


This tichy little restaurant seats only about 40; but CRU comes with big flavors, wonderful wines, and great grub. Yes, it’s expensive – and yes, it’s worth every single one of those hard earned dollars. The restaurant features fresh, high end, regional pacific northwest cuisine to get your mouth watering. CRU has a combo of small plates and mains – so you could get a few different things to share around or commit wholly to one the amazing larger dishes.

One review I read said that a caesar salad is just a caesar salad. That doesn’t apply at CRU where the Caesar ($11) is one of the best and it comes with melt in your mouth croutons that are to die for; definitely not the usual tooth cracking pieces of drywall.

What’s that? You think Caesar salads are boring? Okay. Get the riesling poached pear salad instead. It comes with gorgonzola (the best of the ‘-zola’ cheeses) and roasted nuts over greens ($10). All sorts of different snooty eaters agreed that it was super!

Everything at CRU is amazing – but don’t lose your mind like I did and order 2 different wines, an appetizer, 2 entrees, and a dessert. This ain’t no McDonalds. The food is just too damn rich to go overboard like that. A good option would be the prix fixe menu. It’s $42 for a soup or salad, a main, and a dessert. You can view the prix fixe menu here

Here is a quick rundown of a few of the millions of dishes I tried on my night out at CRU:

The duck confit ($16) is crisp on the outside, moist on the inside and nestled atop of the best spätzle anyone has ever tasted. The secret to the spatzle goodness must be in the creamy goat cheese. I would certainly recommend this dish and probably get it myself the next time I go back to CRU. Good duck can be hard to find.

If duck isn’t your thing; then get the mushroom risotto ($25). Mixed heavily with parmesan and several types of mushroom; it comes with truffles and pea tendrils which help add to the delicate mixture of flavors. It is smooth and thick, dripping with deliciousness.

I never thought pork tenderloin ($28) could be so tender. But CRU proved me wrong! Paired with crisp pork belly and an apple-parsnip puree, this smoked tenderloin was a good choice. I overheard someone say they’ve had better pork tenderloin. I think that is nothing other than a blasphemous rumor.

Of the desserts – I was lucky enough to try the homemade cookies, the creme brulee, and the chocolate truffle. I have to give the prize to the truffle. The Grand CRU Chocolate Truffle with peanut butter mousse is absolutely divine! One can never go wrong with a combo of chocolate and peanut butter.

If I could submit one tiny complaint: the sauce on the beef tenderloin ($33) was way too reduced. It was as though the steak was covered in a terribly thick, sticky, meat syrup….though I believe it was meant to be a merlot jus.

Dinner is available nightly from 5.30pm

Lunch is Monday thru Friday until 2.30pm

It’s a teeny tiny place – so make a reservation.

Bonus: CRU has an award winning wine list. It’s great combo of local and international.

Extra Bonus: On Thursdays they have a date night menu. $99 for three-courses and wine for two.


Perfect Pairing:

Duffy – Rockferry

It’s Amy Winehouse without the drug-fueled creativity.


Camera Obscura – My maudlin career

A love that culminates at a beautiful sadness.

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