Yes, there is a great restaurant on Mercer Island!

7650 SE 27th Street, Mercer Island, WA


I  don’t know why anyone would go to Mercer Island – at least that’s how I felt until I was introduced to Bennett’s. Bennett’s calls itself a bistro but it’s on the verge of fine dinning. They use top ingredients, the food preparation is lovingly perfected, and the service is superb. Now you can stop making excuses and go hang out with your friends who live on Mercer Island.

This time around at Bennett’s we popped in for a lunch and dined on the linguini with veggies in a white wine citrus sauce ($14). The sauce was amazingly light for a a white sauce – I was happy to be able to bypass the heavy cream that usually overwhelms a white sauce – and the citrus gave it a delicious tang overall. The veggies (spinach, asparagus, snap peas, kalamata olives, cherry tomatoes) were still a little crisp and the house made pasta was cooked just right. Plus this dish has PINE NUTS!! and of course Beecher’s Flagship cheese. Beecher’s cheese is handmade at Pike Place and seems to be in nearly every dish at Bennett’s.

When you go – make sure to order a warm bowl of Bennett’s Tomato Flagship Soup. And yes, it’s quite simply loaded with Beecher’s flagship cheese as well as  hunk of delectable heirloom tomatoes. This soup is creamy, thick perfection for a mere $8 a bowl.

I have also has a seafood dish or two there in the past. The Alaskan King Salmon with blueberry sauce really stood out. Served with lemon risotto – it’s a decent portion and a total taste treat for a very reasonable $29. If you’re there for lunch time or generally looking for a lighter snack try the BLTA (the A = avocado) it’s only $10 and it comes with nueske lean applewood smoked bacon. THE best bacon.

If it’s on the menu when you’re there – get the pumpkin cheesecake ($8). The flavor is nothing less than a pumpkin pie made by angels specially for your taste buds.

What else should you get? Everything is probably pretty good. I’ve never had anything there that was bad. Though I did hear from my most trusted source that the consistency of the Bennett’s beef and pork burger is weird. That’s usually what happens when you force 2 different meats to mingle and coexist – good flavor, bad texture.

The focus at Bennett’s is pure food. What does that mean? Well, for starters it’s very regional, Bennett’s is proud to use ingredients mainly from the Cascadia region (coastal california  to alaska). We should all know to value regional, local foods by now. We don’t wanna go losing our diversity (bio or otherwise). Pure food also means natural – no artificial anything or added junk. A good example of the natural healither thought Bennett’s puts into their restaurant would be the sweetener. Agave syrup (or nectar) is available for the iced tea. Agave is used as an alternative to sugar since it is unrefined this makes it preferable than sugar for those watching their caloric intake; agave also helps to slow the rise of blood sugar after a meal making it an ideal sweetener for diabetics.

Bennett’s is open for brunch, lunch, and dinner. Check out their hours, menus, and producers here

Yep – they take reservations – you should probably make one ’cause everyone who lives on Mercer Island wants to eat at Bennett’s tonight, too.

Bonus: Free parking

Double bonus: Small patio out front


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