Kosetsu Japanese Restaurant

1635 Robson St, Vancouver BC

(604) 602-0021

Overall Kosetsu is good. There’s nothing bad about it – I predict that it will soon flourish based on it’s price and location. But I probably won’t be back anytime soon.

Kosetsu opened earlier this week on Robson finally filling a spot that’s been vacant for over the past year. The interior looks fancy – with decor that is all black accented by tables made out of a stylish natural light wood. The attempt at a fancy image continues by delighting patrons with very upscale presentation. However, the food isn’t upscale; which is fine, since most dishes hit the wallet at around the $10 mark. The food is decent – but nothing to really rave about. We tried a few different things: Chicken Karrage ($6), Wonton Trio ($6), small sashimi ($12), Terichiki ($11), Yakiudon ($8), and Yakitori Donburi ($8).

Almost all the dishes were lovely. The Wonton Trio was a tasty treat of salmon, crab, and chicken in teeny individual wonton cups. The crab was creamy and the salmon had a bit of zing in its special sauce – they were pretty good for only $2 each cup. I was impressed by the thin, crisp wonton shaped like flower cups – ’cause I find wonton difficult to work with.

The Yakiudon and Yakitori Donburi were both good. Nothing bad, nothing amazing. Both were a mere $8 for a decent portion of decent food. I liked the Yakiudon a little more – it had a nice earthy flavor.

My favorite dish was the Terichiki. It was 4 layers of yummy teriyaki chicken with lovely slices of deep fried eggplant atop a pile of spinach. For $11 it was the best of the dishes and very sharable. Unfortunately, the Terichiki wasn’t cooperative for the photoshoot and insisted on toppling over with no hope of reconstruction.

There were some gristly pieces in the chicken…not the end of the world. I still thought Kosetsu was a steal of a deal until the sashimi came. Unfortunately, the sashimi was the last dish we tried and it was a huge let down. At first I was excited because the presentation was really nice and it came with special dipping sauces:

The snapper was tough and there were parts I considered inedible. I thought ‘well, I don’t really like snapper, I should try my absolute favorite: tuna’. The tuna was not top quality. It was either dry, or old, or both.  I thought the sashimi sucked and I was pissed off – too pissed off to even try the salmon which everyone told me was the best one. But still, if two of the three sashimi types are bad cuts or not totally fresh it’s not fish that should be used for sashimi – and I don’t think that having one good piece of sashimi is worth $12. Maybe since they don’t have sushi on the menu they don’t have a good raw fish chef.

I probably won’t be back anytime soon because there are plenty of other Japanese restaurants in this part of town and many of them are better than Kosetsu. However, Kosetsu will probably flourish based on the low overall price of the dishes alone. And I won’t be surprised if next time I walk by it’s packed inside. If you are thinking of dining at Kosetsu, I suggest you go now before they up their prices and/or you have to wait in line.

Well, I might go back. I really wanted to try the deep fried potato. It’s only $4 and it has cajun flavoring! Next time, I will just avoid the sashimi.

Please note: though Kosetsu is a japanese restaurant there is NO sushi (and the sashimi sucks).

No parking – but there is a little patio out front.

Open nightly for dinner 5pm to midnight Wednesday – Sunday. Closed Monday and Tuesday.

–or at least it was. They have been experimenting with their hours, lately. I have seen them open during lunchtime — and they basically appear to be open all the time now.


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  1. lynbot says:

    Please note: Kosetsu has since closed. A Korean restaurant is to be opening soon at this location.

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