Pomegranate Bubble Lounge
836 Denman Street, Vancouver, BC
Tel: 778-867-3656

I know that Pomegranate is known for their tasty late night tapas and upscale cocktails. But I am constantly searching for the best $4 breakfast special that the westend has to offer (I’ve hit up numerous places including Central and Joe’s). My never ending search  led me to pomegranate – which seems desperate to try to attract patrons so they’ve recently opened for brunch on the weekends (well, not always). This Saturday they were clearly closed though they’ve splashed “OPEN FOR BRUNCH SATURDAY AND SUNDAY” across all of their windows. I have a hate on for places that aren’t open when their sign says they will be.  Anyway – we did manage to go for brunch. I ordered the regular special that every brunch place has: two eggs, toast, bacon, and potatoes for somewhere around $4 (though I always upgrade and get a side of fruit).

Pomegranate (almost) has an amazing brunch. Pomegranate has a focus on organic foods and makes their dishes in small batches (cuisine style). The red potatoes are so crisp they’re practically deep fried, the eggs are great, the fruit was fresh and plentiful. Plus, it wasn’t loser fruit like soggy grapes and canned mandarin segments, it was fresh watermelon, blueberries, strawberries, and pineapple. The waitress looked confused when I asked if they had sourdough bread – so I settled for brown. I felt bad for the poor lone waitress who was trying hard to keep up with all the tables of fussy west end brunchers. The food was an organic delight; however, what I thought would be the best part of their brunch was actually the worst. Coffee was included inthe brunch price. But the ‘coffee’ was atrocious. The first cup was way weak and watery and the second cup was disgusting! They had obviously been using the same pot to make both coffee and tea. I could taste the tea in the coffee. Bleech! Except for the coffee the food was fine and everything was good. Um….well, not the music.

They were playing bad auto tune R n B – which would have been perfect were it 3 am and I was entertaining a bunch of scantily clad skanks….unfortunately it was 11am and I was having breakfast with my husband. Oh well, I’m sure the rest of their patrons (rich, white seniors) appreciated the appropriate mood music.

Our overall experience was okay. I almost keep going back for some tasty food – but then my husband reminds me of the coffee. Though Pomegranate is trying hard to crack into the overly saturated brunch market they should probably stick to tapas and jazzing up the nightlife. The tapas dishes look good and are mostly under $10.

Result = N.O. for brunch. But a great choice for a late night cocktail – their drink menu looks amazing. Get some root beer tandoori ribs and a champagne cocktail.


Perfect Pairing:

The Lonely Island – Incredibad

Featuring the greatest auto tune single of all time ever: I’m on a boat. I strongly suggest you check it out.

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  1. lynbot says:

    Pomegranate has since closed.

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