Calli Restaurante Mexicano

Calli Mexican Restaurant

1102 Davie St (at Thurlow), Vancouver BC

Hours: 11am-9pm daily (closes at 8pm on Sundays)


Please note: Calli is now closed. Sadness.

TACO TACO. Now, I love Mexican food. If it was up to me I would live in Mexico and eat tacos all day long. But I live in Vancouver where sushi reigns king. Yes, I like sushi. But it’s no taco. I am always on the look out for a delicious taco; but I am lazy. Let me tell you Calli is the best, most affordable Mexican restaurant within a five block radius of my house. Sure, Don Guacamoles is also within a five block radius of my house. But it’s not nearly as cheap as Calli.

Calli is a quiet, affordable little place right in the middle of Davie’s hustle and bustle. The food is warm, tasty and comforting. It’s run by a mexican family. So, yes, authentic. The place is teeny-tiny; therefore, not great to go to with a huge group of people. But it’s perfect for a lunch or early dinner with a friend or two. And it’s a good place to bring the kids. The place isn’t fancy – so the other patrons won’t hate you and there is a very reasonably priced kids menu.

All the ingredients Calli uses are fresh and yummers. I quickly scanned the menu and instantly wanted to try the everything. So I sorta did. I tried the tortilla soup ($6), the beef burrito ($7), the red chicken enchiladas ($8 – pictured above), a carne asada taco ($3.5), the mushroom quesedilla ($3.5), and a chicken mole tortas ($6). All the veggies tasted extra fresh, and the tortillas were warm and delish! Everything was fully good and not dumped out of a can.

The taco (pictured above) was wonderful. Full of beef and cilantro and cheese and onion in a grilled corn tortilla – but for the same price I recommend the quesadilla which is basically identical but also comes with sour cream, lettuce, and tomato.

They let you choose the spice level. I ask for mild (and not surprisingly) found some of the dishes to be bland – but they did bring out a couple dishes of spicy spicy goodness so you can add as much or little as you’d like. This is probably something that doesn’t happen when you get take out – so ask for a side dish of that wonderful spice.

I’ve tried two of the three soups. And they are goo-oood! Man, I love tortilla soup!

I recommend the everything. They have all the regular stuff you love plus a special veggie lover’s menu section, plenty of desserts and drinks including a vast selection of jarritos. And most everything comes in a lunch portion (11am-4pm) so you can get just two tacos/enchiladas/taquitos for $7.90 which is a super deal. But don’t fret! You can always get the full portion of three tacos/enchiladas/taquitos for $10.90

No, there’s no parking. No, you don’t need a reservation.


Perfect pairing:

White Rabbits – It’s Frightening

This 6 piece indie band was smart enough and fortunate enough to get Britt Daniel to produce their album. Plus, Peter Devries rules and this is the music he used for for his section on Innersection.

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