Indigo Bistro (Sheraton Wall Center)

Indigo Bistro at the Sheraton Wall Center

1088 Burrard Street, Vancouver, BC

Ph 604.331.1000


I generally dislike hotel restaurants. There are a few exceptions – but overall, I think they suck. Indigo at the wall center reinforced this feeling – to the extreme. We walked in around 830 pm, browsed the menu and decided to give it a go. The place wasn’t busy – there were a few other tables with patrons. The hostess waved us over to a table where we sat and waited for menus….no one came over…we still sat and sat and sat and waited while waitresses and hostess ignored us. Finally we flagged someone down and asked if she was our server – she responded with a sigh and “yeah, I guess”. Super! We were clearly on our way towards a night to remember.

We asked our server for menus and water. She did bring the menus. We flagged her down again a few minutes later to ask if we could order drinks. She obliged, writing down the two drinks. And we, again, asked for water. Once we got our drinks we asked if we could order food (why do we have to keep asking if we can order? Isn’t this a restaurant? Should she want to make money by asking to take our order?). The food selection was sort of standard – a few pastas, a bar menu with nachos and burgers, fish, chicken, the regular. Slightly overpriced – as you would expect at a hotel. Cheeseburger and fries $17, seafood linguini $23, seared arctic char $28, ribeye $37. A little pricey – but this is the Wall Center.

The appetizers came out, no problem there. The food was okay. But then we had to wait, and wait, and wait for the entrees. During that time they tantalized us by repeatedly bringing the wrong food to us. Not that they got our orders wrong, just that they got the table wrong.

No, we didn’t order the short ribs.

Oh, well then, who ordered the fish?

NOBODY! We’re a different table!

They realized the food was for the next table – but not until after my friend accidentally coughed on the ribs. No problem, they just served it to the next table anyway.

Finally our mains came – and no complaints about the food. Everything was good, and we all cleared our plates.

Then more waiting until finally…taaa daa! It’s dessert time! But there is bad news – apparently they’re out of the lava cake my friend ordered. No big deal, we’ll try the chocolate caramilk pyramid instead. How can you go wrong? It’s dessert in the shape of a pyramid. So we wait and we wait and we wait. Finally they bring out the desserts and it’s the lava cake they are “all out of” …. and it’s not for us. They accidentally bring it to us – but it’s supposed to be for a different table. Well, what kind of mean trick is that?! If they claim to be out of something they should probably hide the cake instead of serving it to us. But they realize the error and snatch it away before we can comment or eat the cake. All is nearly forgotten by the time the desserts we ordered are finally served. And let me tell you, the pyramid chocolate thing is DISGUSTING! Absolutely awful. It’s like somebody melted down a caramilk bar mixed it with flour and then sprayed on a coating of chocolate colored foam from a spraycan. It was so bad that between five girls we didn’t even eat half of one serving. A dessert has to be pretty awful for five girls to turn it down. So we move onto the cheesecake – which is better than the “chocolate” pyramid,; but it’s still mediocre. I think cheesecake is supposed to have cheese in it. Right? So, when the waitress inquires about how we liked the desserts we tell her the pyramid thing was the grossest dessert ever. She apologizes and brings us a chocolate mousse to make up for it. I don’t know who is making the desserts over there – but they shouldn’t be calling chocolate colored gelatin from a can “mousse”. The mousse was so hard with thick gelatin we had to saw into it with our dessert spoons just to get a piece out. I was certain they’d just rushed across the street to the 7/11 and bought the “mousse” from there.

So the desserts sucked – but the mains were decent and that’s the point, right? Sort of.

We order another drink. And we wait. There are three employees (including our waitress) chatting by the entrance and completely ignoring us for a looooooooong time. The drink is obviously not happening. We ask for the drink again, still nothing. So we go up to the bar and ask for the drink, and again nothing. And after waiting for a totally unreasonable amount of time we say forget it and we want the bill. And the waitress says, forget what? Oh, the drink! Right. She brings it over – even though we just asked for the bill. We drink the drink and ask for the bill again. They try to give us back the change and credit cards that are, of course, for some other table. The next table looked pissed about that, by the way. We again ask for the bill. The hostess and our waitress giggle and chat while they print up the bills for two other tables and allow those tables to pay and leave first.

Now, we have been here for over two hours and some of us are beginning to lose our cool. The waitress saunters over and tells us the computers frozen, so they can’t print our bill and we’ll just have to wait. Ok – the computer thing, not her fault. Technology’s a bitch that way – but if they would have printed our bill any one of the times we’d asked for it – this wouldn’t have happened. But how long do we have to wait until the computer decides to unfreeze? Over twenty minutes. Yes. And they do not offer to comp us in any way.  Just a hollow apology.

SCREW THIS! We can’t wait around all night, this is a celebratory dinner and we have plans to go out afterwards. We ask if they can just bill our room, after all we are staying at the hotel. The reply is no, for some insane reason they cannot bill our room. I could NOT believe this! The server told us we didn’t all have to wait – just one person would have to stay behind. How is that a better solution?! Stay behind until when? I am now super pissed off. So, we are going to figure out what we owe, pay in cash, and leave.

I am standing up at the bar with the cash in my hand waiting to give them a piece of my mind when …. the waitress comes up and tells me everything’s fixed now. Isn’t it convenient that the computer fixes itself right when I am seething with rage asking to talk to the manager? Yes, very convenient. Well, here’s our bill and they didn’t do anything for us: no free food, no free drinks, no discount. Nothing. I’m glad we got the privilege of waiting two and a half hours to get a cheeseburger and fries.

I probably won’t be returning to Indigo anytime soon because that was the WORST! dining experience I have ever had. WORST. And that includes the time a cockroach fell into my hair while I was eating. But that’s a story for another day.

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  1. rhi says:

    That sounds like so much fun! I wish I could have been there!

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