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52 Powell St, Vancouver



Cobre considers itself to be Neuvo Latino; but what does that mean? Basically, everything good from Mexico to Argentina. It’s all sexy, fun, deliciousness. Cobre’s outside is classic gastown and its inside is draped in understated elegance. From the exposed brick walls to the copper ceiling – you’ll appreciate its quiet sophistication and lack of glitzy kitsch that is found in most mexican restaurants. But enough about the lovely character and the decor – let’s get to the freakingfantasticfood.

Yew tapas! Yes! Who doesn’t wanna get in on a succulent fish taco or quinoa salad? I’m always stoked to share someone else’s tasty food. Everything at Cobre is so delicious you will thank the good god of cooking (Hestia? Andhrimnir?) that these dishes were made for sharing.

The quinoa and Brazil nut salad ($8) is so good – it makes me think Cobre didn’t just jump on the “hip to quinoa” bandwagon – but that they actually know what they’re doing and would serve quinoa even if it wasn’t totally hot with organic earth muffins right now. The addition of orange and the organic baby greens to the quinoa doesn’t hurt either.

The baja rockfish tacos are very likely one of the best things I have ever eaten. For serious. At $3 each – you will fall into food love with these babies. They are perfectly crisp and mouthwatering and the little dose of chipotle in the aioli really hits the spot. The sexy-latin-taste-bud spot. Plus, they come with jicama slaw. Jicama! When do you ever get that at a taqueria? That’s right, hardly ever.

The chicken taquitos were lovely, the chicken was super fresh and it was served with loads of rich garlicky guacamole. And let me tell you: they were so good I clapped after eating them. That’s right – I gave them a sitting ovation. Wait…is that even a thing? Or was I just some idiot clapping at a restaurant? Well, if you’ve ever eaten with me you’ll know the answer.

Oh my, what else did we get?…. the tacu tacu (a vegetarian eggplant and bean dish that is gooooooooood), scallops served with hearts of palm (absolutely delightful- but it’s disappointing to get 3 scallops when you want ten million of them), charred salmon, amazing cornbread with sweet chili butter, wild Mexican sea prawns tacos, and I don’t know what else – but it was all so good! I would go back and order anything, everything. I would give the chef free reign in preparing my dishes. I would happily eat anything they put in front of me.

At $12-15 for most of the dishes it is fully worth every penny. But, as always with tapas, the bill suddenly ends up being $200 and you’ll be left wondering how that happened. Until you remember you tried almost everything AND you had all those delicious delicious drinks. $8 per mojito really runs up the bill. But the stick of sugar cane adorning the drink makes up for a lot. No, really. I appreciate a fancy cocktail. Don’t you? Plus, Cobre actually knows how to properly make a spicy Michelada (how many places can do that?).

The service, the service, I cannot forget to mention the super service. It’s all easy going rad hipsters that are so good at their job they manage to remember all 14 things you order without writing any of it down and they ignore that you’re overly rambunctious (heck, they may even encourage it). They will offer recommendations and make sure everyone knows the process of tapas and the dish sizes. They will clear old plates promptly and refill your delicious cucumber water often.

Veggies beware! There are only 2 or 3 vegetarian dishes. Most everything is very heavy on the seafood. But there are also splashes of duck, pork, chicken, lamb, venison, boar, beef. Nearly something for everyone. Except for vegans. I think there is only one dish that is safe for you.

I would go back to Cobre. I would I would I would. But I have to save up a little first. It’s not an everyday sort of place. Well, it is if you only get one thing. Or if you’re a millionaire. But I would never be able to restrain myself to the point of getting just one thing. And I’m never going to be a millionaire. Sadness, I know.

Make a reservation! This place is fully hip, totes rad, and cozy (even with the second floor and the private room downstairs).

Open for dinner every night from 5pm until sorta whenever. Yea, they’re cool like that.

Gastown – so it’s metered street parking for you.


Perfect Pairing:

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