Takis’ Taverna

Takis’ Taverna

1106 Davie Street (near Thurlow), Vancouver BC



We all know Greek food. Or at least we think we do. But how many of us know anything beyond the flavourless chicken souvlakia or spanakopita from the mall food court? Step into Takis’ Taverna and it will change the way you think about Greek food.

At Takis’ you can indulge your taste buds in perfectly prepared Greek food. There is a wide assortment of dishes to suit even the pickiest eaters: everything from the succulent kleftiko (roast lamb) to the mouth watering moussaka (beef and eggplant casserole). There are several veggie dishes (like the amazing baked cheese and vegetarian moussaka) and a few seafood dishes (the grilled calamari is great) and loads of lamb/chicken/beef options. Sample a bit of everything. You won’t be disappointed! Everything is cooked to perfection and seasoned lightly to let the real flavours of the food stand out. You will delight in the meat dishes that are so tender that there is nary a need for a knife.

The prices are varied so there should be something for everyone (even your friends with minimum wage part time jobs). Starting at $6 for appies and $10 for mains all the way up to $45 for the enormous platters for two. Plates at Takis’ are loaded high with piles of deliciousness. Everything seems to come with a tasty side salad, rice, and lemon potatoes. The portions are so generous that even though nobody cleared their plate we rolled out of there stuffed!

With their friendly staff and amazing food I can’t believe anyone still goes to Stepho’s. Who wants to wait in line for an hour to eat flavorless and mediocre Greek food? … No? Me neither. So instead of standing in front of Stepho’s all night like a chump – go half a block East and stroll into Takis’ Taverna. The food is rad and the service is friendly. In fact the service is so friendly that our server gave us free dessert just because he is the sweetest person ever! Thumbs up all around for Takis’!

Not to be missed: the delicious Athenian Chicken.

Open daily for lunch and dinner

Takis’ totally beats out Stephos and Olympus for quality in terms of food and service. Takis’ is more on par with Maria’s Taverna down on Denman.


Perfect pairing:

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Sorry about the lack of photos. They are currently on somebody else’s phone. But I’ll get ’em to ya eventually.

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