Tacofino Cantina – Vancouver

Learn about all the trucks and commissary HERE

The amber food truck painted with Virgin de Guadalupe holding a taco, it’s hard to miss.

The Tofino food truck that is all the rage has finally brought its goodness to Vancouver with its baja-inspired tacos. From black bean or pork gringas (grilled tacos – pictured below)  and really amazing battered cod loaded up with pico de gallo and crispy cabbage; let the mouth watering begin. For a mere $3.5 up to $6.5 the kids working this truck are slaving away to make you a deeeeeelicious taco.

All the great tacos at Tacofino are made from scratch with wholesome ingredients. And they try hard to serve up local, seasonal, and sustainable options. And though they do have veggie selections the vegans are SOL.

Thanks to Tacofino I’ve developed a new addiction: the tuna ta-taco; rare tuna tacos with seaweed and mango…how could you go wrong? Except for the fact that they’re too good and you get addicted after the first bite. Fortunately this addiction is running me a mere $6.50 a pop – it’s definitely worth it to avoid the excruciating withdrawal that comes from not getting my daily fix. However, there has been the downside of blowing off plans with friends or getting to work late because I was fiending for the tacos.

BTW I hope you like sauce running down your forearms because there’s no other way to go with the tuna.

If for some reason you are not in a taco mood they have other goodness in the truck – like jarritos (mexican soda made with cane sugar), ice cream sandwiches, and slushies.

Tacofino has one huge downfall. They move around. Usually during the week they’re at Robson and Howe from 11-3 and then they’re at English bay (across from the Raincity Grill) from 4-7. And on weekends they are allegedly at English Bay all day. But they might randomly be in Kits on West 4th. Or nowhere because they took the day off. Or they’re running late. Or they left early. Or their truck broke. Or for whatever reason they are NOT there for you when you NEED them. That’s okay, don’t get upset. You have to think of going to Tacofino as a scavenger hunt. You can’t make plans to go to Tacofino – you just have to be happy to find them. So if you do have the good fortune to stumble across their truck bless your good luck and order a couple fish tacos … and a tuna for me, thanks.

For tips on how to track them down follow their Facebook Page or Twitter

Added bonus: they take debit.

Because we can’t all get out to Tofino every weekend. Though we should try.

Best news ever: Tacofino opened a second truck that runs Dunsmir and burrard and focuses on burritos.

okay okay okay for serious best news ever: tacofino opened a restaurant! YEWWWWW!

2327 E Hastings Street

All the info you need for all their trucks and commissary is right here 


Perfect Pairing:

Foster the People – Torches

This varied album features the super summer hit Pumped up kicks. What’s more summery than tacos and school shootings?



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