The Famous Warehouse

AKA el furniture warehouse

989 Granville St (at Nelson…ish).


The Warehouse is famous for a reason – it’s afforable, central, fun, and relaxed. The Warehouse’s rock bar atmosphere goes a long way with me – the music is killer, and it’s impossible to feel uncomfortable or uptight. Most everyone can relax with the vibe here …well, maybe not your Grandma (think of a nicer version of the Cambie). But as much as I appreciate the mood lighting and music what really stands out at the Warehouse is the FOOD PRICES!

Everything on the menu is $4.95 – without exception. Nachos, a burger and fries, quesadillas, salad, tacos, pasta – the warehouse definitely offers fair portions and range of standard fare. Of course, you can add chicken or upgrade to yam fries for an extra $1.55 – but seriously the base price for everything is under $5. Lots of reviews complained of slow service – every time I’ve been there the service has been fine – what do you expect for a $5 meal? The servers will maybe be tipped $1 per meal and they are sorely understaffed for how busy the place is to keep prices down. Of course they can be slow at times! You’re lucky there are servers there at all.

Yes, it’s a pub – yes, they serve delicious alcohol. Regular old standard draft beer pints are available for about $5 – import bottles will run you more like $7, and there is a sketchy drink menu of bad highballs for around the $3 mark. Be warey since the drink menu does not have any prices listed. Stick to what you trust – the burger and a pint of Granville island for a grand total of $10.

Later in the evening it gets full and LOUD! Try to avoid “specials nights” like wednesday wing night – where the service turns horrible and the place gets PACKED – it’s not worth it to get food that’s even cheaper than $4.95.

The Warehouse is the perfect place to grab a bite and kick off a night of drinking downtown.

Recommended: the mushroom swiss burger – you won’t find a better burger downtown for the price, that’s for sure. Dave Fairweather raves “there’s a taste party in my mouth every time I bite into it!”. Thanks, Dave!

Bonus: Heated outdoor seating is available.

Double bonus: open until 2am everyday of the year. For serious. And they serve breakfast on the weekends!


Perfect pairing:

Queen – a kind of magic

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