The Famous Warehouse

AKA el furniture warehouse

989 Granville St (at Nelson…ish).


The Warehouse is famous for a reason – it’s afforable, central, fun, and relaxed. The Warehouse’s rock bar atmosphere goes a long way with me – the music is killer, and it’s impossible to feel uncomfortable or uptight. Most everyone can relax with the vibe here …well, maybe not your Grandma (think of a nicer version of the Cambie). But as much as I appreciate the mood lighting and music what really stands out at the Warehouse is the FOOD PRICES!

Everything on the menu is $4.95 – without exception. Nachos, a burger and fries, quesadillas, salad, tacos, pasta – the warehouse definitely offers fair portions and range of standard fare. Of course, you can add chicken or upgrade to yam fries for an extra $1.55 – but seriously the base price for everything is under $5. Lots of reviews complained of slow service – every time I’ve been there the service has been fine – what do you expect for a $5 meal? The servers will maybe be tipped $1 per meal and they are sorely understaffed for how busy the place is to keep prices down. Of course they can be slow at times! You’re lucky there are servers there at all.

Yes, it’s a pub – yes, they serve delicious alcohol. Regular old standard draft beer pints are available for about $5 – import bottles will run you more like $7, and there is a sketchy drink menu of bad highballs for around the $3 mark. Be warey since the drink menu does not have any prices listed. Stick to what you trust – the burger and a pint of Granville island for a grand total of $10.

Later in the evening it gets full and LOUD! Try to avoid “specials nights” like wednesday wing night – where the service turns horrible and the place gets PACKED – it’s not worth it to get food that’s even cheaper than $4.95.

The Warehouse is the perfect place to grab a bite and kick off a night of drinking downtown.

Recommended: the mushroom swiss burger – you won’t find a better burger downtown for the price, that’s for sure. Dave Fairweather raves “there’s a taste party in my mouth every time I bite into it!”. Thanks, Dave!

Bonus: Heated outdoor seating is available.

Double bonus: open until 2am everyday of the year. For serious. And they serve breakfast on the weekends!


Perfect pairing:

Queen – a kind of magic

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  1. Cassie P says:

    My friends and I waited for an unnecessary amount of time. I understand when a restaurant is full and the staff are busy; however, the staff were plenty ‘chill’ and I saw 2 empty tables with a few cups. I guess that signifies “No, you can’t sit here yet because we’re too busy to clean up a few cups.” The wait got so bad, a few behind us went in and sat at the bar because those tables weren’t going to be cleared anytime soon. We finally sat down, had a look at the menu, and a waitress named Bianca came, she was friendly until she found out my friends and I were under 19. Which is why she got annoyed when we said that water would be fine. Then she asked us for our orders but she spoke with lightning speed, and we could barely make out what she was saying from the loud music. My friends and I confusedly answered all her questions i.e “Chipotle Mayo or regular Mayo?” “Avocados or mushrooms?” After she left, I suddenly remembered that add-ons might cost extra so I needed to get her attention. From another table, I saw someone getting her attention. He raise his hand slightly, looked at her and she went over immediately. Then I raised my hand, looked at her and finally when she decided to come over, she said “You don’t need to raise your hand, I’ll know when to come over.” Oh and let me remind you, we still haven’t gotten our water after she left us 10 minutes ago. Anyway, my thoughts right after that was ‘How do I get your attention without letting you know I need help?’ Either way, I asked her if mushrooms and avocados cost extra, she replied a blatant “Yeah.” So I continued with “Then can I not have-” And before I even managed to say the last few words she left and started poking her computer angrily. When she came back, she instantly spat in the rudest tone someone could use with a customer “You guys know that Chipotle Mayo also costs extra right? It’s a dollar.” I dislike mayo so I was about to kindly ask her if I could not have it. Once again, I was cut off by her “You know that’s how we make money, right? We charge for the add-ons because $4.95 for a meal is really cheap and we make profit from the add-ons.” I still didn’t want mayo so I started to speak but before a word escaped my mouth, she left. My friends and I were tired and weary from the long day, the loud music was giving me a headache and I seriously didn’t want to talk to her anymore, so we left the mayo on our meals and decided that $5.95 for a meal still wasn’t bad. After we waited another 10 minutes, Bianca finally came with water that she slapped onto the table without a word. Another 10 minutes went by and the food arrives. The waiter said “These plates are hot as sin,” and he drops the plates on the table, “you guys can figure your own life out.” We let it go and started to eat. At first the food seemed decent, I had the “Works Burger” and it was standard, nothing amazing, but I cut it in half as it was quite large. I scarfed down half since I was starving by the time we got our water. With the 2nd half, I slowed down, looked at the burger and noticed something, the patty looked surprisingly bread-like. I poked it with my finger and it bounced back like a sponge. At that moment I realized that they mixed stuff into the meat. We finished the meal quickly, and asked for a split bill, wanting to leave as soon as possible. She brought us one bill and I noticed that she charged us 18% for service (we’re a party of 4 by the way). I should’ve argued, but I didn’t have the energy to. We started counting coins since we each owed $7.32. She came over stating they only take dimes and nickels up to a dollar, jabbing her pen into the table to prove her point. Once we got all the money counted, she came over to recount making sure we didn’t leave her short. She was painstakingly slow, did her math wrong and yelled at us saying “You guys know the bill is $29.38 right?” Half a second later, she realized “Oh, it’s a $10 bill.” Overall, this was the worst experience I’d ever had and trust me, none of my friends and I will be going back.

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