I love sharks. They are one of my 8 favorite animals. How exactly this came about I don’t know. But that does not change the fact that they are totally rad and totally not delicious. If sharks were meant for eating we wouldn’t have to flavor shark fin soup with pork to make it passable. What’s the point of eating shark, anyway? We don’t get magical anti-cancer powers from eating them. Thanks for that one, pseudoscience. Sharks are not immune to cancer and they do not have super powers we can ingest. Sharks are a crucial part of the oceanic ecological balance they need to be out there eating to keep our oceans clean and healthy. Sharks work like a filter; they clear the ocean of all the dead and dying animals that we need removed from our water to keep it pristine. They are not some cold, cruel, killer, eating machine – they would probably spit you out if they accidentally bit you because you do not taste like a delicious half dead fish. In fact, you are probably really dirty and extra disgusting tasting.
Last time I went to Hawaii I swam with sharks (though not really, because I was inside a cage and they were outside of the cage). I took a boat from Haleiwa out a couple miles to water that was 500 hundred feet deep and waited. When the sharks started to swim up to the boat my stomach dropped and I thought that this was THE STUPIDEST decision I had ever made. Ever. And I’m me – I make terrible decisions all the time, non-stop. But this was the worst. Who wants to get eaten by tripping and falling off a boat into waters that are obviously shark infested? What a lame sounding obituary that would have been. I hung onto the rail – and things worked out pretty well. It’s okay if your favorite animal scares the bejesus out of you a little sometimes, we’re still friends.
Once I got into the water it was totally cool and the sharks didn’t even get all mad and toothy. They just swam around being big fish. I never once felt afraid while I was in the cage. Partially because sharks are nice and calm animals and partially because the only sharks that showed up were galapagos, reef, and sandbars. Next time I would like to do a free swim with sharks….sometime….maybe…sorta….Anyone interested?
Here’s a video of my shark dive.
Free hugs and true love to anyone that can name my other 7 fav animals.
AND if you wanna learn more about sharks and how awesome they are check out my friends at Shark Truth
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3 Responses to SHARKS!

  1. James Ashcroft says:

    1. Dogs, well A dog.
    2. Dolphins, only just recently. Because dolphins are pretty rad.
    3. Owls, this one just came to me, but I think you’d think owls are rad.
    4. Eels, because they live in the ocean with that stupid look on their face.
    5. Turtles, because they live in the ocean and they’ve always got somewhere to be, but are in no hurry to get there.
    6. Hmm, this is getting tough. Oh, surfers! ‘Cause those guys are animals, man, animals!
    7. Did I say dolphins already? Oh, I did, yeah. Uhm, a sea snake? Because they, er, live in the ocean and . . . they’re rad?
    8. Damn, I shoulda said orang-utan!

  2. lynbot says:

    Ahhhh James – you make me laugh. One of your answers is totally correct #5 the mighty HONU. the others…not so much. No dog is my favorite. Especially not that one.

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