The perfect cocktail

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After the moderate success of ten tip for successful drinking I have decided to add a follow up of how to make the perfect cocktail. This drink is a good way to get your party on while still fitting in all that water you’re supposed to be guzzling. It is a never miss. Everyone loves this drink: Boys, girls, parents, new drinkers, seasoned drinkers, everyone. Guys are usually skeptical at first because they can’t taste the alcohol in them – but they quickly begin to feel the truth. As my mom always warned me: beware of mixed drinks because they don’t taste like there is alcohol in them. Thanks, Mom.

Here’s the stuff you need to make the fun happen:

1.5 oz Vodka

1 oz Cointreau

100 ml Orange juice

100 ml Soda water

50 ml Grapefruit juice

Stir it up

Add ice to make it cold and a straw to make it fun

This drink is very changeable. If you’re not hip on sweet drinks throw in a bit of lemon to balance out the juices. And feel free to substitute your favorite types of juice or whatever you happen to have on hand. Pineapple, lychee, lemonade, peach, mango, aloe, cassis, cranberry, raspberry – any of these would be great! I find it’s best to stick with the OJ and the second juice can be whatever….uh, but not apple, carrot, or tomato. That would be gross. Lime might not work out either….

VODKA: There isn’t really a point in splurging on some fancy type if you’re just gonna cover it with juice but that doesn’t mean you can get away with buying total garbage to save a buck, either.  Smirnoff, Stolichnaya, or Absolute will be fine.

COINTREAU: It’s just like Grand Marnier – an orange liquer that is 40% and made in France. I buy Cointreau because it is virtually identical to GM but more affordable. The even cheaper version is Triple Sec which is fine – but it’s 35% and made in Quebec. yeeeech! I know right about now you’re thinking you can make this without bothering to buy the Cointreau. NO, DUMBO! Then you’re basically just settling for a Screwdriver. Don’t be a baby, just buy the orange liqueur – it will last you a long time. You can also add it to hot tea. Yum!

ORANGE JUICE: ummmmm it is what it is. I go with frozen – then I always have it on hand and it’s cheap.

SODA WATER: Seltzer, club soda, fizzy water, sparkling water, mineral water… whatever you call it – it’s awesome. Carbonated water with sodium. I buy it by the case. It’s a good way to get a lot of water into your mixed drinks without ruining them. Also a good way to cut calories in sugary drinks and to make your drink easier to drink. Easier drinking = faster drinking. So be careful!

GRAPEFRUIT JUICE: I like pink grapefruit juice because it’s prettier than other juices. Plus, it makes my drink feel more tropical.

If you are a millionaire you can also add in slices of for real fruit – like lemon, lime, orange, grapefruit. And by slices, I mean wedges…..C’mon! You know what drinks are supposed to look like.

Yeah. That’s the one.

However; if your drink looks like this:

Then you probably didn’t follow my instructions at all. Throw that drink away and start over.

If you wanna get super drunk, fall down and smash your face to smithereens then add in an extra shot of vodka and one or two of peach schnapps. But I don’t really recommend that.

If you think this is super great and want more amazing drink recipes – just harass me into writing more recipe blogs – ’cause I got a whole brain full of delicious ways to get drunk. But I already wrote you one about Caesars. You can find it here.

Happy drinking!


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7 Responses to The perfect cocktail

  1. danielle says:

    I totally want more drink recipes! Especially because I’m a drinking novice and I obviously need to learn from a pro.

  2. Irie says:

    I’m on it! Look for my delicious take on a G&T coming soon. For all those novices out there, like Danielle (cough, cough), G&T means Gin and Tonic.

  3. James Ashcroft says:

    Can you do a super easy and delicious Sangria recipe? Er, please?

  4. Irie says:

    ok. But it’ll be with white wine.

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