The Picnic

Yep – the  Gin and Tonic is a classic. But I’ve always been a fan of putting a new spin on the traditional. So here’s how you take the regular old drink everyone knows about but no cares about and you turn it into a summer favorite. That is assuming we will be getting a summer this year…..

Take your freaking Gin and Tonic and add aloe. Yep – ALOE. That spiky plant you rub onto cuts and burns. It doesn’t just go on your outsides – it’s also nice on your insides. But don’t try to use the plant. Go out and buy aloe juice. You are making a drink, right? Then use small amounts of different drinks to make it.

I just buy a small bottle – because it’s only a couple bucks and I just use a little bit to make these drinks. Some people don’t like aloe juice because it has floaty things in it. Get over that, right now. It’s nice to have a little plant matter to give your drink texture – the contrast give the drink a nice visual effect. You want to impress your guests, don’t you? You can easily do it with a visually intriguing beverage. Especially if your guests are all lame blowhards with nothing interesting of their own to talk about.

Toss in a handful of deliciously ripe blueberries. Organic ones, of course. It’s nice to have a snack conveniently located inside your drink and they will add to the flavor and the whole visual thing we are creating. Some of the blueberries will float, some won’t. It’s positively an adventure in drinking!

And as always, cut the sugar with some sparkling water. Perfect!

I sometimes refer to this drink as the Picnic. Light, summery, carefree, PICNIC. But I’m not one of those pretentious douche bags who creates a signature drink and demands everyone calls it by some dumb name. You can call it it whatever you want. Sometimes I just refer to it as a Gin and Tonic – ’cause that’s mostly what it is.

2 oz gin

1 part tonic

1 part sparkling water

2 oz aloe juice

splash of cassis (black currant juice)

add fresh blueberries

pour over ice

stir and serve

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2 Responses to The Picnic

  1. danielle says:

    Yes. We totally need to drink these together some time!

  2. Irie says:

    I’m drinking it now! Hurry over!

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