This is Cheyenne

This is Cheyenne.

She is old, she is sweet, she will happily (albeit slowly) hobble over to you on her arthritic legs for a belly rub. During business hours she hangs out front of her owner’s hardware shop. The shop is located on Bidwell – a very quiet sidestreet just around the corner from Robson. Most everyone in the west end is familiar with the sight of Cheyenne laying on the sidewalk out front.

Recently, her owner, Bruce, was given a $250 ticket for Cheyenne being off leash. And when she was caught being off-leash, she was doing her favorite thing: dozing on the sidewalk near the front door of the hardware store.

Really? what kind of bullshit is that? Cheyenne is the least threatening dog of all time. Unless you are scared of sweetness. Bruce was also told that Chyenne needs to be on a leash at all times – even when she is inside the store. Now that doesn’t even make sense. The city is just being silly. Don’t get me wrong – I generally support rules and laws, when they make sense. But the city could have enforced almost any bylaw in any other way and it would have been more meaningful than this. Who cares if Cheyenne is on a leash? Who is this protecting? What has changed? Well, the City of Vancouver will soon be $250 richer, Cheyenne is sad to be tied up all the time, and Bruce is in a bit of a tight spot. $250 is a lot to a small business owner.

Look how sad she was when she first had to be leashed up. Sorry old girl – you got sentenced to doggie house arrest.

I told Bruce that his predicament is one of the stupidest things I had ever heard. And that I would have a fundraiser to help him pay the fine. Bruce is a sweet guy and he was genuinely touched that I was trying to help. I told him not to get his hopes up because I might only get like $3. He was happy all the same, Cheyenne was happy too – but probably because she knows when I come by she will get a milkbone out of it.

If anyone feels like helping out – drop me a line. If we all pitch in a buck or two – Bruce will have his dumb ticket paid in no time.

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3 Responses to This is Cheyenne

  1. danielle says:

    Silliness. Good thing you already have my money or I’d think this is even sillier than I already do!

  2. Irie says:

    So far i’ve raised $14. Thanks everyone! This is a good start….

  3. Irie says:

    Hey! We’re up to $148. Hooray for everything!!!!!!!

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