Errbody loves the post office

For his birthday, my brother really wanted The Ultimate Dividend Playbook by Josh Peters (I know, FUN, right?!). Anyway – I bought him the book and mailed it with this deeeeelightful outcome:

Dear Canada Post Customer Service,

I recently shipped a birthday present via Expresspost. The gift had 3 separate parts all to be sent in the same envelope. Upon receipt of the package one of the items was missing. Since there was no evidence of the package being tampered with – I returned to the postal outlet to see if the missing item had accidentally been left behind (that is; I suspected the postal worker had forgotten to put one of the items into the envelope). I politely explained that an item may have been left behind.

The woman working was extremely discourteous. She wouldn’t even let me explain what had happened before telling me my item was not there. She wouldn’t listen to my description of the item nor did she make any attempt to look for it. I continued by asking her to please look in their lost and found area for missing book. She told me they did not have a lost and found because “we never forget to ship anything”. I’m sorry – but this really isn’t the standing reputation of the post office. She also told me  that if something was missing it was my fault because the postal worker never put the items in the envelope – the customer always does it. This may be the store’s policy – but it is not what happened when I shipped my items.

While I was  filling out the address information on the package the postal worker pushed my hands out of the way and put the items in the envelope to be “more efficient”. Not only did this not end up being more efficient;  it was ill-mannered. If she was selecting a carton of milk at my place of business I would never shove her out of the way to select the milk for her for efficiency’s sake or any other reason.

I am disappointed that the birthday present was lost. I paid almost $30 for the book and I paid $14 to have it shipped. But I feel the bigger issue here is the rude treatment I received. I am appalled at this woman’s lack of customer service skills. And I am curious of the store’s policy of dealing with items left behind. What if I had left my gloves, purse, or wallet behind instead?

The postal outlet I am referring to is:

Canadian Greetings

1014 Robson St, Vancouver, BC, V6E 1B0


The worker told me her name is Thelma.

The second issue I have is that this is the closest postal outlet to my home and my packages are sent there. I no longer want to have any dealings with this outlet and I am wondering if it is possible to have my mail redirected to the next closest postal outlet.

Thank you for your time.


Of course I am holding my breath on this one and expecting immediate results.

If you happen across Thelma and she is reading or trying to sell you this book please punch her in the face. Thanks.

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2 Responses to Errbody loves the post office

  1. danielle says:

    Oh man. That SUCKS! I always feel like mailing anything anywhere (or having mail sent to me) is like playing Russian Roulette.

  2. Irie says:

    yeah – I mail a LOT of stuff. Usually I am very fortunate with the Post.

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