The First Flight


As I am waiting at YRV to board my flight there is an announcement that there will be no TVs aboard this flight. The woman across from me promptly throws a hissy fit. She is calmly advised by an attendant to consider purchasing a book before we leave. While the attendant is still speaking the fussy woman begins complaining loudly about the price of books and how difficult they are to read.

Once we are aboard the dude seated in front of me is PISSED to discover there are no power outlets or USB ports on the plane. In the grand scheme of things; this isn’t a huge deal…but what the hell is Westjet doing? Attendants apologize over and over again to the masses of angry travellers and explain that they are waiting for iphone -like technology to come out for the new TVs they are installing in their newer planes. Okay, that makes sense. No one was a huge fan of the Motorola flip phone ‘technology’ Westjet was working with previously. But their solution in the interim is to rent passengers tablets preloaded with movies. Please insert eye roll here. Can Westjet say RIPOFF?

Fortunately for me I have 3 books and Surfing magazine packed in my bag because I actually enjoy reading since I find it both easy and affordable.

Now I really wish I could see the look on the face of the guy in front of me when the attendant tells him they cannot accept cash and he must provide a credit card for the tablet rental. Apparently this guy does not posses a credit card. If I bump into him on the beach I will seriously consider robbing him since he is paying for a Hawaiian vacation with ca$h.

I am so tired I actually fall asleep during the taxi down the runway. No, I did not drink the re-creation before takeoff. But right before I drift off, across the aisle I see a familiar woman gleefully crouched above her rented tablet, a movie glaring in her face with a newly purchased copy of 50 shades of grey discarded by her feet.

Whatever, who needs books or movies when this is the view?

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4 Responses to The First Flight

  1. danielle says:

    Oh boy. Some people sure are funny.

  2. Nitram Kibuz says:

    So, people complain that books are hard to read? Couldn’t they accept this fact before and not make other people suffer because of it?

    By the way, the book for Hunger Games is much better than the movie, unfortunately I ruined the book for myself because I only read a few chapters and decided to watch the movie and realized how shitty a choice that was.

  3. Irie says:

    Oh no! that is a bad choice. I always skip the movie and read the book once they have made it into a movie. That way I know the book will be good.

  4. Irie says:

    Danielle: That’s a nice way to put it….

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