I’m leaving

Alright…if one more person asks me why I’m going to Hawaii I’m gonna strangle all of  y’all. I’m moving to Hawaii because it’s HAWAII. Maybe you’ve heard of it. That Polynesian archipelago is a damn tropical paradise. Yeah – I’ve been there and I know it ain’t all perfect. But I’m pretty stoked for endless summer and decent waves. Have you ever tried to surf on a freezing lake in the pouring rain? (Vancouver ). I love Tofino…but it’s 5 hours away. And it’s all freezing, it’s Canada. Hawaii is the raddest. I feel better there. Who cares what I’m gonna do when I get there?

Surf. Meet some peeps. Explore. Cruise. Relax.

No, I’m not going for a boy or a job. Though my understanding is that both exist on the islands (Approved!).

Long term planning is not exactly my specialty. So why stress? I’m moving to Hawaii because I love it there. I’m not giving up much to do this. I’m single for the first time since I was 14, I don’t own any property, and I’m not engaged in anything I’d consider a career. Sure, I’ll def be lonely and I’ll gonna be hella poor. But I’m already those things. I’m giving up very little for this move and I have even less to lose. Just my little homie, Pancakes. And he’ll be happier staying here, I guarantee.

My life is 30 years in and I’ve got nothing to show for it. Not sure what I was supposed to have done with my life – but I don’t think this was it. This year was a tough one for me. Maybe I can be an example of starting over. Seems right, since life already tends to make an example of me anyway. I’m not worried about what I have to give up to move – my concern lies with what I never had in the first place.

When I get where I’m going (wherever that may be)…..I won’t have to rebuild; I’ll have to start.

This move has me pretty scared, and it feels so good.

And btw – I took that photo. It’s my new backyard. Pretty sick, ain’t it?

–Aloha ‘Oe

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7 Responses to I’m leaving

  1. Cthulhu says:

    So, I’m still confused. Why are you moving?

  2. Irie says:

    So i can get further away from you Martin. That’s why.

  3. Tara says:

    sounds like a solid decision making process to me! Plus booze is cheaper there so it’s win/win

  4. Irie says:

    Tara – it’s like our minds are melded. I knew you would understand ;)

  5. Chelsea says:

    Sometimes you’ve got to grab life by the balls and say ‘fuck it’. Do what makes you happy and live life to the fullest.

    I wish you nothing but happiness and good tides (ha, my crap wave joke for ya…).

    Going to miss seeing your face at WF. Happy travels, my friend. X

  6. Irie says:

    I’m gonna miss you guys too, chels! Thanks for the support!

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