vegan baileys

Guess what I came across today? That’s right, a recipe for vegan Baileys! I’m hella excited…’tis the season and all, and nothing’s more festive than cooking up some Baileys on Christmas! Well, the Christmas card I got saying “sorry to hear your marriage didn’t work out” is a close second. Now that the holiday spirit is alive in your heart….let’s get cooking!

You’ll need:

–2 cups of coconut cream. You can use regular cream if you’re gross and hate animals and/or coconuts and are lucky enough not to get an upset stomach from dairy.

–1 tsp cocoa … but I use a tbsp to make it hella chocolatey – YUM!

–1/2 cup sugar

–1 tbsp vanilla

–1 cup coffee.
Baileys doesn’t actually have any coffee in it, but I have a passion for coffee!
If you’re scared, you can use decaf.

–1 cup of cheap ass whiskey. I recommend Gibson’s Finest. 
Is Gibson’s finest vegan? Probably….if isn’t Jameson’s is. You will be safe with Jameson’s, for sure.

Mix up the creamer, sugar, cocoa, coffee, and vanilla in a pot and simmer it up. But not too much! Just a gentle low simmer. Stir it a bit to make sure the sugar dissolves….dissipates? Whatever.
Do that for a bit. When it’s all tasty and delicious after a few minutes (maybe 10….15) remove from heat and leave to cool.

Once it’s cooled down mix in the whiskey….a cup…at least. Having stronger Baileys is okay because it’s only like 15% and who’s gonna get drunk off that?

If you hate this drink, please blame Carly Potter Mucha. I got the recipe from her.

But if you love it and are amazed: you can thank Carly Potter Mucha. That girl is an inspiration.



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3 Responses to Baileys

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  2. Farah says:

    I may never leave the house again! I can’t wait to try this. Have you ever tried subbing the sugar for maple syrup?

  3. Lynn Bee says:

    Maple syrup? Yum! I’m sure that would be really good!

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