There’s no way that can be right…..



Here’s what’s hella confusing in Hawaii: holidays. Be it Chinese New Year, Easter, Halloween, Mardi Gras, Valentine’s day, St. Patricks, my brother’s birthday, or what have you …my response to every holiday or special event I’ve ever spent in Hawaii is exactly the same:


Utter and total confusion.

Every time a special day pops up my brain goes…WTF? There’s NO WAY that can be right.


I now have a complete lack of basic comprehension for the calendar year. How the heck do ya keep track? Because it’s perpetually June in Hawaii…except on those really humid days without trade winds when it must be a day of July imported from the east coast. My body, my skin, my lungs, my eyes, my nose, my brain tells me it’s June.

Though I do love a good autumn afternoon. The issue is not that I’m missing the different seasons (mainland winter especially can suck it). It’s simply that holidays and special events just don’t jive with Lynn’s Hawaii Nei.

easter hawaii

And I must say, if endless summer is the hardest thing to deal with – life is pretty sweet.

Okay, okay, okay – that’s not actually the hardest thing to deal with. I miss healthcare and Canada Post and Simpsons reruns and a lot of really special people. Plus a long stretch of bad surf conditions can really get a girl into a funk…..But freaking ill timed holidays popping up outta nowhere…. because there’s no way that can be right.


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