Guess who’s back?

Yeah I know, I was going to live in the ocean. So, what the heck am I doing back on solid ground after only 100 days? I have no idea.

I was sitting on the beach today and it was actually nice enough to take off my shirt and shoes without freezing. So, I found myself thinking “this isn’t too bad at all. Why was I being such a baby last year? It’s only 60 degrees and I am totally surviving”.

third beach

This is looking pretty good right about now.

And let me tell ya; I underestimated that whole health care thing. I can’t afford $500 a month for insurance. Especially not when I refuse to get a job that may interfere with my surf time. I mean, sure, I have a casual very part time job….but I’m not exactly rolling in the dough. So no, I couldn’t afford insurance, or anything else for that matter.

But what I really underestimated was you. I missed you. Everyday. All the time. Unless at that exact moment I happened to be surfing or swimming alongside a turtle I was probably sad and missing you. Now that I’ve come back to see you – I don’t want to leave. I can always return to Hawaii whenever. She’ll wait for me and she probably won’t change all that much while I’m gone. But the same can’t be said about you and I know it’s too much to ask.

Was living in a postcard all that it was cracked up to be? Yes. it sure was. But they all say “wish you were here”. And thinking that way all the time gets hard.

So, for now, I’m back. Because this is where I’m going to.


Oh, and raspberries. I missed the fuck outta those, too.

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  1. Theresa G says:

    Oh Lynn! The place just wasn’t the same without you. Glad you’ve decided to share your big piece of sunshine with us again.

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