The things I ask myself: Drinks

There are questions that come up in regular old everyday conversation that make you think. And I’m not exactly talking about spiritual meaning of life stuff or anything. But just things I can’t decide on, I keep coming back to them. Sometime over and over again for years. Because I can be so indecisive these questions absolutely torture me.

Stuff like:

If  I was a drink what kind of drink would I be?

I always want to say the Dark and Stormy. But I just love the name. I don’t actually love the drink….. I like rum, but not dark rum. And I do not like ginger or beer….so. I guess I can’t be the Dark and Stormy. But then again this isn’t a question of my favorite drink – which actually isn’t debatable at all – the question here is what drink would I be?

Something unusual, something bitter, something high in alcohol, something that is only good in moderation, something mixed, and something a lot of people don’t like…..

I guess that would make me: a Long Island Iced Tea.

Okole Maluna!


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