The things I ask myself: Time

There are questions that come up in regular old everyday conversation that make you think. And I’m not exactly talking about spiritual meaning of life stuff or anything. But just things I can’t decide on, I keep coming back to them. Sometime over and over again for years. Because I can be so indecisive these questions absolutely torture me.

Stuff like:

What is my favourite time of day?

Other people have a time of time of day they love. Why shouldn’t I? My mom is nuts for the time just after sunset when everything in the world is shrouded in shades of blue and black. I wrestled with this question frequently and at great length. I like lots of times of day.

When I worked nights I loved sunrise in the summertime

The dawn is magnificent on this day. Every last star has been cleared from the pastel sky. It transforms so slowly that I must be patient.

The smoky mauve turns to a dusty rose; then a soft yellow and finally the lightest blue a mortal’s naked eye could perceive.

It all stretches from one horizon spanning over the parks and buildings through the cloudless firmament to the murky grey opaque still hanging over the peaks in the west. The sleepers in the foothills are still shrouded in darkness while the streetlights continue to twinkle overhead.

It is going to be another stunning day; mid-June is seldom filled with days that are anything but.

I shiver with the expectation that comes with meeting the new day.

My nostrils flair. The air is fresh and tranquil with a sleepy smell reminiscent of cross country car trips of countless summers past.

A soft breeze blows my hair about my face; disturbing birds’ feathers and wind chimes alike.

The train cutting through the downtown core pierces the silence with its unmistakable whistle. And the early morning sunrise slumber of the city is changed.

The wonder of life is fresh and alive with promise. It is an unspoiled trophy that I will once again be forsaking for a few hours of much needed sleep.

I say my goodbyes to the new summer day and trudge back inside.

However, I no longer enjoy sunrise. If anything, I notice it’s getting light out and get angry that I stayed up too late. Again. And I certainly wouldn’t consider myself a morning person. Those perky, chipper, early morning types really weird me out.

Sunset also seems like a popular choice for a fav time of day

Tonight the southern part of the sky is filling with thick grey clouds heavy with rain that is pulling them downwards in thin veins. The sky towards the west is streaked with a breathtaking mixture of violet, greys, azure, and golds. Beyond that lies the silhouette of the mountains barely discernable through a misty blue fog. An inevitable sigh escapes my lips; the coast I love so dearly lies just beyond that very range.

A soft breeze blows up from six stories down. It brings with it a mixture of smells from the hot summer’s day. Mainly the bitter odor of a garbage and dust fusion. A man once told me that a city is the equivalent to an assault on the senses; that has never rung more true then at this moment.

The din of traffic is drowning out all the other sounds. Even the VIA rail train clanking its way through downtown along the railroad tracks is overpowered by roaring motorcycles and the rumbling of buses.

Twilight. The birds have gone to roost; therefore, the insects are out in full force attacking every inch of exposed flesh like an undefeatable winged army.

The last gleaming of light is reflected off every window as the city is transformed into a mirrored masterpiece of a metropolis.

The lush green parks slowly fade into shadowed pools of darkness.

Another day draws to its close as the city blazes to life with artificial light.

However, sunset is a cliche for lame romantics and anyway once the sun goes down it gets all chilly… NO DICE, sunset! You’re out!

Every day is so different it’s hard to pick. Is it a week day? Is it winter? Is it a day off? How can one single time of day be a favourite?

I do like the mid-afternoon. Sunny and warm still hours of daylight and plenty of time to still be productive if you’ve wasted most of the day watching tv, or reading the internet, or perhaps you’ve  lounged around in bed until past noon.

Mid-afternoon could be a contender. But is that an actual time of day? And anyway, everything I just described is for days off. Mid-afternoon on a workday drags by painfully slowly. And doesn’t the wind kick up in mid-afternoon? That’s also when the rain rolls in. Hmmmmmm, maybe mid afternoon isn’t always so great, after all.

What about nighttime….I do love the nightlife, I love to boogie.

Night has fallen. The sky has darkened to the deepest of sapphires. The stars emerge softly at first but their light grows until they are the only thing I can see overhead.

The moon is out to the south. A searing half circle of yellowed white hanging precariously amidst the vast expanse of velvet blue.

The warm heady air brings with it the fragrant scent of every blossom in the city’s parks and gardens. Intermingling in a sensual dance.

Cars whiz through the urban streets.

Aeroplanes clamor overhead.

Sirens wail in the night.

The torches in the square below are lit. They are the only thing that keeps the park visible; lessening the shadows between the trees.

The streets are ablaze with the city’s false illumination.

Avenues and boulevards are lined with white and orange streetlights spilling upwards into the night’s heavenly skies.

Neon signs on every corner scorch the eyes.

As time marches on the lights dim. The sounds deepen. The shadows get longer.

Until there is nothing but sleep.

I gaze down at the purple glow surrounding the conurbation and wish that I was anywhere but here.

I would give anything to be out on those city streets experiencing what the vast sprawl has to offer.

But nighttime can also be lonely. We can’t boogie down everyday. Sometime we just have to feel sad our day didn’t go so great and crawl into a cold bed.

I’m over thinking things again. What always makes me smile? The moon.

When I notice the moon is up. Doesn’t matter what time of day or night, summer or winter, realizing the moon is hanging brightly in the sky always makes me smile. It’s always a slightly different colour, shape, size, time. Yet it’s always comforting to see my glowing little friend shining down, lighting my way.

Moonrise. My favourite time of day must certainly be the ever-surprising moonrise.

harvest moon

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