Oilin’ ma face

Ever gotten frustrated because your skin looks like hell (even though you’re in your thirties)? I mean what the heck? Wasn’t problem skin supposed to plague us from the ages of 13-18 and then we were supposed to be rewarded with smooth supermodel skin for the rest of lives, right? ‘Cause that’s the deal I signed up for. Guess I didn’t exactly take everything into account…..like the fact that I have the most sensitive skin on planet earth.

Have you ever tried to fix your oily/dry/flakey/shiny/blemished skin? Sure, I bet you’ve tried the following: Fancy expensive moisturizers for rich people, Oil-free washes, Exfoliating scrubs, Facials, Microdermabrasion, Peels, Mud baths, No makeup, Mineral makeup, Organic makeup, Steaming, Cooling, Vitamin E, Fish oil, Specialty cleansers, Masks…..and now you are sick of trying stuff. You don’t really believe anything will help you at this point. Yet, somehow, you are still willing to try anything.

Here is the problem for many of us: We scrub and strip that oil right outta our faces. And each time your face skin cries: “OH NO! SOMEONE STOLE ALL MY PRECIOUS OIL!” and then your darn face makes extra oil to compensate. It’s a vicious cycle.

What’s the solution? Well, my lovely friends told me about an oil cleansing method. Where you rub tons of oil all over your face.  For serious. You are supposed to add oil, 0n purpose.

Supposedly massaging your face with oil and then steaming will help get the hardened impurities out of your pores without your face freaking out. Plus, the oil treatment will make your skin all soft and smooth. Sounds just about crazy enough to work, doesn’t it?

Ready? OK!

First you should buy castor oil. It’s like $5 at the drug store in the digestion section. But the oil can be free if your roommate is awesome enough to buy it for you. Then you should find out if you actually own washcloths. I don’t…..so you can either buy some (boooo!) or cut up an old towel. Don’t use something fancy ’cause it’s gonna get all oily and gross!

DIY washcloths!

Now that we’ve achieved success with our awesome DIY washcloths. It’s time for the oil.

Now oil up yer face good. Massage that junk into your face, wipe it all over. You don’t need to wash your face first because the oil will remove everything – makeup, dirt, sweat, whatever. Castor oil is super thick – so you probably only need a little bit. Plus you don’t wanna spill that stuff all over the place! So be careful, would ya?

Either you can boil water to soak your washcloth in – or and put a wet cloth in the microwave. You want it hot – but not so hot you burn your face off. The cloth will cool down super fast so don’t go thinking you can play a quick game of Candy Crush Saga while you wait; ’cause the cloth will be cold by the time you die.

Put the hot steamy washcloth onto your face until it cools. You should probably re-heat and re-apply the hot washcloth a couple times to really steam up your face.

Now, wipe all the oil off your face.

Did it work?! Is all the grossness cleared out of your pores? Is your skin ultra soft? Do you finally look like a supermodel? GOOD! You deserve to look fancy.

Oh – if the castor oil is too strong, or drying, or whatever you can try an oil blend. Like half castor – half grapeseed, or half sunflower seed, or something less intense than straight up castor.

The end.

Love, Lynn!

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2 Responses to Oilin’ ma face

  1. danielle j says:

    Have you been trying this method for long? How many times a week do you do it? More questions! :)

  2. Mary says:

    Gonna try it!

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