Aches and pains

Does your back hurt? Shoulder hurt? Knee hurt? Check, check, double check.

Now that you’ve gotten a little older, you’ve come to the realization that: running hurts, biking hurts…. everything hurts. And sadness is yours. Because painkillers don’t do nothing no more. And sometimes it hurts so bad you start wishing for a freaking knee transplant already!

What do I do when those pesky aches start throbbing? I can’t afford a massage every day. And I’m not on the waiting list for any bionic upgrades just yet.  So, I use a topical spray (like Sierrasil Pain Relief Topical Spray, or AromaBreeze Muscle Mist). But, at $25 a pop, those things can get expensive after a while.

So, I decided to start making my own with almost identical ingredients. My topical ointment is hella amazing for temporary relief of sore muscle pain. Wanna know the secret to soothe and relax those tired ol’ muscles?

Mix together the following essential oils:

3 parts peppermint

2 parts eucalyptus

1 part rosemary

1 part camphor

1 part clove (optional)

1 part jojoba (optional)

Mix it up and dilute it with some water – then spritz it on, or rub it in, or soak in it. Sure you’ll feel like an eighty year old when you’re reeking like menthol, BUT after a few minutes the area to which you applied the ointment will start to cool and then it gets all numb and tingly. IT’S THE BEST!

When my back hurts – I put a few drops of each oil in my bath water. I spritz it on my knee when it gets sore and crunchy – spraying it on works especially well right after the shower. Ohhhh yeah! Soothing minty relief.

Where can you get these oils? I dunno, somewhere regular… like Whole Foods or an aromatherapy store, or a spa. Each oil costs under $10 for 4 oz and it will last you for months. Save yourself some money and ease the pain by whipping up this home remedy (AKA a miracle in a bottle).


Isn’t getting older great?

Le sigh.

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  1. danielle j says:

    You’re so smart–but I really hope my knees and back and shoulder never start to ache!

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