Another birthday?!

Seems I wrote this last year….and forgot to post it.
But since my birthday is just a few days away, I think it still applies.
What I am assuming is my birthday present from my brother arrived today. My brother is awesome and wins at this whole birthday thing. It’s hard to plan mailing a present in such a timely manner.
Now, I am sitting here looking at the package and wondering if I should open it. It’s probably the only present I’m going to get; so I should save it until my actual birthday. But then maybe there’s no point in waiting – since it seems to be a book. And I’m pretty certain it’s the book I asked him for. Why bother to wait to open it if it’s not a surprise anyway?
I guess I could get another present. I did get a birthday postcard from my dentist – so that was nice. And, at the time, unexpected. However, now that I think about it more, I’m pretty sure they sent me the EXACT same postcard last year. Gawd. Dentists are so predictably boring.
For my birthday present to myself I finally bought Eminem’s Recovery. It came out like 4 years ago so maybe I’m not as on top of the whole music thing as I used to be. I sure don’t think it’s as good as everyone was saying. Probably because I never had all my standards shattered by listening to Relapse. Why would I listen to Relapse when it’s supposed to be a terrible album? It’s the only Em album I don’t own. I keep thinking he can get back to the greatness of Slim Shady and Marshall Mathers. Well, I guess no one can take over production from Dre and expect us to think it will be as good. Also, someone should really tell Em he can’t sing.
I don’t really have one. I’m going to treat myself to birthday tacos from Tacofino. That is going to turn out great. They make the sickest tuna tacos. Tuna tataki, wakame, mango salsa, mmmmm…..perfection!
If you don’t believe me, just read this testimonial…that I wrote.
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4 Responses to Another birthday?!

  1. Mary says:

    Has the package I sent THIS year arrived yet?

  2. Lynn says:

    Nothing yet!

  3. danielle j says:

    We’ll have to do something fun for your birthday when I get back to Vancouver! Mhmm, yep!

  4. Lynn Bee says:

    OK, Danielle, that’s a deal! I don’t expect a super great actual birthday. I’m working VS til 1130pm on the 21st :(

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