The new Victoria’s Secret is opening at the end of the month on Robson and Burrard. Is anyone as stoked as I am? It’s the first actual Victoria’s Secret in BC. No more trips to Seattle! No more settling for PINK at Metrotown! No more buying perfume at the airport! The Flagship store GRAND OPENING is August 27th!

I love VS they have great bras (yay for the cream filled Fabulous) and perfumes (Noir Tease is a hit with guys) – plus I love their service style: relaxed and friendly – not aggressive, overwhelming, or absentee. A lot of that comes with the fact that VS is staffed to the tits. 15 managers and 180 employees. That’s almost double what HMV had in the same building.

Of course, the space has been totally renovated. VS took over the CTV lobby and Off the Wall for Pink. They took out the high ceilings and the mezzanine. They’ve also taken out the broken escalators and put in a fancy staircase. Moved the elevator. New offices. New staff room. A stockroom that surrounds 3 sides of the lower level.

What have I learned during my week of training? Yes, week. Well, I know more about bras than I ever wanted to. I also learned that they are big on cross training. which is rad. They train everyone how to do everything. Even the dudes learn how to do a bra fitting – though they aren’t allowed to actually perform them on customers.

What am I most stoked about? Well, probably finally getting a bombshell multiway. Whats the point in having a strapless dress if you can’t actually wear it?

But I am excited for almost everything. 115 thousand boxes are coming next week to stock the store – totally necessary since it’s the second biggest Victoria’s Secret in the world. So we will be set. Let the shopping spree begin!


788 Burrard @ Robson

Monday-Saturday 10am-9pm

Sunday 11am-8pm

If you have any questions, hit me up…I probably have the answers.

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2 Responses to VS

  1. Chelsea says:

    What?! No bra shopping at nearly midnight like HMV?! I’m disappointed ;)

    Can’t wait to see the new space. Scott wants to know if the VS models will be there opening day/night and at what time? Ha ha

  2. Lynn Bee says:

    Hey Chels!
    There will be Angels doing an in-store on the 29th. I believe 9-11am and 5-7pm. Scott can come on down and oogle them then ;)
    And there may not be shopping at all hours – but they do have staff on 24/7 for stock and merchandising.

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