Plan G

There are services out there to help those in need. But it’s hard to know what’s available. How would you know about something if no one tells you?

I am here to tell you that I’ve recently found out about the No-Charge Psychiatric Medication Plan (Plan G).

It’s a service provided by the BC Ministry of Health that pays for psychiatric meds. Yep – brains drugs are free for those of any age! The gov’t will cover 100% of psych meds for those who find the cost of meds to be a barrier to treatment. Yay for affordable health care to those in need!

There are 2 criteria that must be met to qualify for Plan G: Clinical and Financial

CLINICAL – you must be crazy enough that it impacts your regular life

Specifically: The patient has been hospitalized for a psychiatric condition; OR
Without the medication, the patient is likely to require hospitalization; OR
Other serious consequences are very likely (unemployment, child neglect, etc.).

FINANCIAL – you must be broke

Specifically: The patient must sign the Application for Coverage to declare that the cost of the prescribed psychiatric medication(s) is a barrier to treatment and that they have no other financial coverage for the medications; AND

The patient must be poor (income under $30,000).

Plan G is super easy to apply for and be you can easily be approved!

First of all, your doctor determines your eligibility.

When my doctor prescribed my meds I told him I wasn’t working at the moment and I wanted the cheapest medication available. He shook his head and pulled out a single sheet of paper – upon which I had to fill out two things: my name and my BC Health number. Then he faxed it off and the next day I was able to go to any pharmacy and have my prescription filled completely for free.

It is so nice to see that little spot on your receipt that says: Patient Pays and have it magically read ZERO!

yep! $0.00

100% covered without having to go through a bunch of insurance or gov’t bullshit.  You don’t have to pay up front or wait to get reimbursed weeks later. Or get audited or submit tax forms or anything. It’s freaking amazing. Plan G is extra great since doctors seem to insist you take the cadillac of drugs and are reluctant to prescribe the cheaper generic version (though both name brand and generic drugs are covered by Plan G). If approved, it lasts for a year and then after that have to re-apply.

Let’s thank the good people of the government because many people with mental problems are not able to work due to their issues. I am only a medium level of crazy – but my damn drugs would still have cost me $100 a month! I don’t have that! Or at least I didn’t before I started the meds… which btw have helped me quit drinking and get my act together enough to get 2 jobs.

Thanks Plan G! You rock!


Here is a complete listing of meds covered by Plan G

And, no, this does not mean I think medication is the solution to every little problem. I just think help should be readily available to those who need it. Canada WIN!

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2 Responses to Plan G

  1. danielle j says:

    Can you hear me clapping about this post from where you are? No, probably not. But I am!

  2. Theresa says:

    Also, register for Fair Pharmcare too. Even if you’re insured, if your income falls below a certain amount you don’t have to pay the deductible on your scripts.

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