My favourite food

I love food. I have always loved food. I will always love food. Even when I’m sick. Even when I’m full. Even when I’m fat. Yay eating! But there are so many types of food that I love – how can I pick one as my absolute favourite?

Easy. Haven’t you ever eaten south of the border?

Hands down my favorite food used to be pizza. Because pizza is good for any time of day. A hot slice in the middle of the night, as a quick snack, add a side salad and suddenly it’s a complete meal, it’s even great served cold in the AM.

Part of why pizza is so great is because you can put anything on it! From pineapple to seafood to multiple types of meat to arugula. Vegan or lactose intolerant? Just switch out the cheese for fake cheese or omit altogether. Don’t like tomato sauce? Swap it for pesto or white sauce. Pizza is always a good choice for most everyone! Tired of pizza being the same all the time. Get a cornmeal crust. Your tastebuds will pop! Also put something weird on it – like figs and goat cheese. YUM!


So what was so great it knocked amazing, delicious pizza off the top spot?

Tacos, of course.


I always want to be eating a taco. Always.


The taco has many of the same characteristics that make pizza so great. Because you can put anything on it. But you can be even more diverse with tacos – vegetables, fish, guacamole, refried beans, potato, yam, salsa, anything goes with tacos! And tacos have the same great variety with sauces, from tomato to spicy chocolate to cream; a taco can be flavour sauced with anything you want! The price range for tacos is vast and they are readily available across the Americas.

Honorable mentions for favorite foods:

Sushi – In Vancouver and Hawaii Sushi is abundant and affordable. I love sushi. Be it vegetarian, sashimi, tempura, or what have you. It can be both tasty and healthy…. or neither. The only reason it’s not my absolute favourite is because I can’t usually handle sushi in the morning. Even my very favourite – spicy ahi can be tough to take too early. A favourite food has to be something I want all the time. No matter what. Also I sometime flip flop on whether or not I should be eating seafood. If I bail on eating fish; sushi will definitely be out of the running for a fav food.


Dessert – A sweet treat is always welcome. And dessert is so vague it could be almost anything. A tasty cake, warm pie, chewy cookie, dark chocolate brownie, a cheese plate, a fruit tray, refreshing sorbet, creamy ice cream, gooey bread pudding, or man…. my mouth is watering! I love dessert. I tend to eat my dessert while I am making dinner – that way I am certain to get my dessert in the event of being too full after dinner. And, if I’m not too full, then I get 2 desserts! hooray! The only reason dessert isn’t the top spot is because I don’t want to be the fattest person on the planet when I grow up.



Here are some of my favourite spots for a tasty taco:

Tacofino (Tofino, Vancouver, Victoria)

Budgies Burritos (Vancouver)

La Taqueria (Vancouver)

Cactus (Seattle, Kirkland, Bellevue)

Nick’s Crispy Tacos (San Francisco)

Cha Cha Cha Waikiki  (Honolulu)

El Bosque (San Antonio) the place we used to go to with my Grandpa when we were little. My brother and I still call it El Sombrero.

My favourite pizza places:

Goldie’s (Vancouver)

Nat’s (Vancouver)

Nook (Vancouver)

Pizza My Heart (Santa Cruz)

Gotham Pizza (New York) …. or basically any place in New York.


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