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Do I own a million new bras? Hellz yes. Is it awesome? Hellz yes. Am I going broke? Yeah, maybe. But does this mean I am a shopaholic? Well, it depends on who you’re asking. My mom definitely thinks so; my coworkers also seem to think I have a shopping addiction. However, I tend to view it this way:

My boobs aren’t changing sizes. I can wear these things 1, 2, 5, 10 years from now. I will always need to wear a bra (unless I’m wearing a swim suit instead). Why do I need so many bras? Because, fools, I wear one every day! It’s kinda like socks for a boy. How many socks do you have? A dozen? Fifty? Fifty-dozen? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Plus, you need a bunch of different colours, cuts, and styles to go under different tops and dresses. You shouldn’t wear a frilly bright red bra under a sheer white top. Perhaps you want something more comfortable for a long flight, marathon workday, or to workout in. Or instead you decide to go with something hot to give you a boost of confidence. And maybe you want something prettier just in case that special someone will be seeing your underwear later tonight.

Anyway – here’s the break down of what I’ve gotten so far and why.

Rad bonus #1 - on the first day – they let us have a free bra. Whooooo! I chose the:

The Very Sexy – Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy  Multiway

VS multiway

This bra I got in plain black. I wanted a new multi-way (the new term for convertible or strapless) so I could finally wear my strapless dresses. I was going to buy this one anyway because it has a super wide band lined with suede-like material. That way, when you are going strapless for hours you don’t get that painful, angry red gash along the the top of your ribcage. Hooray!

The Heartbreaker – PINK Push-up


I love the bras in the PINK collection because they are marketed towards a younger crowd – so they are a little cheaper ($30-45) than Victoria’s Secret ($40-200) and they come in super fun colors and bold patterns. This bra is a deep plunge – so you can wear low cut tops and dresses without seeing the centre gore. PLUS, the one I bought is hot pink with all over lace so it’s a little bit fancier. I also have it in Royal Blue.

The Fabulous – Victoria’s Secret Push-Up


Okay – this is the first bra I ever bought that I thought was actually comfortable. It’s super soft and fits me just right. So right, in  fact, I bought 3 in a month. Fuchsia, Yellow, and Black. It is a cream push-up. Yep – cream. Instead of gel or foam it’s filled with cream that sort of settles to where you need it to fill any gaps and smooth you out. If you have perfectly shaped breasts…. congratulations, you probably don’t need this one. But the majority of us aren’t so blessed. Anyway, it still is ultra soft and and has fashion pleating and a fancy gold bling so you’ll still love it even if you have perfect boobs.

Dream Angels  – Victoria’s Secret Unlined Demi

Stupid unlined demi

Ten thumbs down. This looks cute – but it doesn’t give any support. It’s see thru lace…. which is why I bought it…  because some boy living on the other side of the Pacific thought it was hot. Actually, I bought two of it. The things boys make us do! Anyway – I think it sucks. The cups don’t look good on me and the underwire really digs into the old chest plate. Though I’m sure it’s fine for 32A boobs.

Buying something that sucks, twice?! Bra shopping ultra FAIL!

Victoria’s Secret Angel– VSX Sports Bra


This thing is the greatest! I was going to buy the Incredible because it looks prettier – but the straps fit too loose – which is weird because I have giant man shoulders. Anyway –  on a co-worker’s recommendation I tried the the Secret Angel and BLAMMO! So soft and comfy, with a prefect fit. It’s a super padded wired sports bra with racerback straps. Excellent support while still looking good. I got it in this bright green color that is awesome.

The Date Bra – PINK push-up


OMG! And I never say that. I saw it hanging from the display rack – the cutest little hot pink number covered  all over in navy lace. Multi-colored straps. A-freaking-dorable! I couldn’t take my eyes off it! Love at first sight.

Again – a little cheaper because it’s from the PINK collection $35. Worth every penny. My boss has it too – in electric blue. The prettiest of all my bras. Ever. The picture does not do it justice. You have to see this one in real life! I will probably acquire the one that’s Grey-blue with pink as well!

The Darling Twist – Victoria’s Secret Romantic Darling Push-Up


Okay – first off – this picture doesn’t look great. Probably because the model is all boney and looks like a gross skeleton…. But don’t let that distract you from the bra!

The Darling Twist looks just like it sounds – has a cute twist shape in the  middle. Very flattering and smooth under clothes. You know that weird bra line gap between your boob and the bra. The one that always looks dumb and makes it seem like your bra doesn’t fit at all…..

bra line!

Kiss that problem good-bye with the Infinity Edge on the Twist – because it tapers off from a foam push-up to almost nothing at the top. Whooooo!

I wanted this so bad and I had to wait for TWO WEEKS until we got something in my size that wasn’t just lame old Nude Beige. Barf. Finally a lovely Silver-Grey came in! Yay!

The Close-up – Victoria’s Secret Push-up


Rad Bonus #2 -This brand new bra was released today so I was able to scoop it up for a mere $15. Whaaaaa-hoooo! It has a super wide band for comfiness and it is soft as hell. I hope the best roommate in the world enjoys it. Because it was a present just for her. Awwwwwww.

So there you have it. Am I totally obsessed? Maybe. But keep in mind I get paid to play with fancy bras all day. What did you expect would happen?

What’s next? Probably the Sexy Tee – it’s cotton – so your boobs don’t get all sweaty and it comes in a really nice Kelly Green color.

Or maybe the Body by Victoria Push-up. Not the prettiest collection of bras ever – but they are made with memory foam! I want to buy a million of them to create a foamy little sleep nest!

Or maybe the Date Bra in another colour!

Or maybe….. maybe everything. I know a motto of VS is “we have a bra for everyone“. But I think they mean: “sell to Lynn, she will buy every one. “

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