Peanut Butter 4 Life

You know how easy baking is? Hella fucking easy. Easier than anything else I’ve ever encountered in life.

For serious.

“But Lynn! Baking is hard! It has to be so exact!”.

No. It’s easy. Stop whining and pay attention.

I’ll prove the simplicity of baking with the guaranteed easiest recipe for anything ever:

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies.

You only need 4 ingredients and a few minutes.

Peanut Butter – 1 c

White sugar – 1/2 c

A egg (I know I’m supposed to write “an egg” – but I like saying “a egg” and I write the way I talks. Get over it, Grammar Nazi.

A bunch of chocolate chips. Or Smarties! (The Canadian kind.  American smarties are like sweet tarts, or rockets. Don’t use those. Gross.)

Yeah – that’s all the ingredients.

Yup. No flour, or baking soda, or butter, or cinnamon, or vanilla extract, or anything. AND it’s gluten-free – just in case you have any fussy friends with diet restrictions that make you roll your eyes at the thought of feeding them.

Preheat the over to 325 (if basically the whole world runs on metric – why do we use F for baking?).

Mix together the PB, sugar, and egg.

It will seem too wet at first. Don’t worry – you probably haven’t screwed it up already. Just keep mixing until the consistency seems like the right kinda thing to make cookies.

Mix in the yummy yummy chocolate. You should probably sample a few pieces of the chocolate to make sure it’s delicious.

Make little balls of dough and put them on a cookie sheet.

This should make 24 tiny cookies or like 18 regular sized cookies.

Bake for 15 minutes.

The end.

Easy, riiiiiight? Come’on. I even taught a cute boy how to make them. And cute boys are the dumbest ;)

PB cookies

If you want the cool crisscross lines like in the photo – just press the lightly on the uncooked dough balls with a fork. Fancy!

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10 Responses to Peanut Butter 4 Life

  1. Susan says:

    Oh, OK. Baking is way toward the bottom of my list of things I’m likely to do, especially on a beautiful fall day. But winter is coming, grandchildren are likely to be over, with an interest in making cookies I generally have 3/4 of those ingredients and could stock the other. Yes, you’re inspirational!

  2. Mick says:

    Make them vegan and bring some over for me and Paschal. Thanks!

  3. Lynn Bee says:

    Anything for the darling Paschal <3

  4. danielle j says:

    Wait a second. Is that a picture of an actual cookie that you made??

  5. Lynn Bee says:

    No way! I can’t take pictures that fancy. ha!

  6. Lynn Bee says:

    Just make a chia egg! And use extra dark chocolate. Then it’s vegan! Taaaa daaaa!

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  8. Lynn Bee says:

    Also – we eat all the cookies too fast to take any pictures. Have you ever tried telling a dude to not eat a cookie while you take its picture? Guaranteed failure!

  9. Lynn says:

    Please note that I also tried making this with Almond butter and it was freakin’ delicious! Yowza!

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