Drunk Gummies

Alcohol and gummies.


After my massive Caesar jello fail I need to redeem myself with a successful recipe. Fortunately, I have had this trick up my sleeve for a while.

Welcome to Boooooozy gummi bears. Seriously good. They are always a weirdly popular hit at parties and they are extra easy to execute.

Just buy some gummi bears (Mike, Carly, Lindsay, Danielle, Rhiannon you can use vegan ones). Pour the bears into a container and sorta mush them so they are layered flat and at roughly the same altitude level.

Now pour in some vodka. Use just enough to barely cover the candy. You don’t want them floating around in a vodka soup.

drunk gummies

Put a lid on the container and leave it for a couple days. You should probably kinda mix it around once in a while. Putting a lid on keeps the alcohol from evaporating. And it also makes it easier to shake the container around to mix it.

Some people have told me to leave the gummies soaking for like a week. I think that is unnessecary. Usually a day or two is fine.

You can put it in the fridge. Or not. Whatever. I am the opposite of a chef so I always have plenty room in my fridge, and sometimes I live in the tropics – so again the fridge is a good choice to keep the gummies from getting totally slimly and melty. I’m sure whatever fridge or anti-fridge decision you make to suit your particular lifestyle will be just fine.

It will be ready once the bears have soaked up the booze. You will be able to tell because all the liquid will be gone and the bears will be bigger and squishier.

Now it is time to eat the boozy bears. Or gummi worms or cola bottles or whatever type of gummies you have decided to use. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

Delicious. I promise. Not like the gross jell-O.

Can you get drunk off them? Ummmmm not really. You’d have to eat like a klockillion billion of them. But it’s a fun little treat and a good conversation starter. Plus, it’s a good way to get a little more vodka in your diet.


While writing this I noticed that the D on my keyboard isn’t really working so good. I’m gonna try to think of a post for in the future that has no d’s in it.

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3 Responses to Drunk Gummies

  1. Mary says:

    Sounds MUCH better than Caesar Jell-o. Of course, most things do….

  2. danielle j says:

    This took a turn for something I wasn’t expecting. What is the method people do to make the vodka rainbow colours?? I thought that involved gummi bears, but now I’m not so sure! Sounds fun either way though!

  3. Lynn Bee says:

    Hey danielle!
    The sugary rainbow vodkas are made with Skittles! That is super rad and pretty for party shots!

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