Secret Santa

Okay – turns out we are doing a secret santa at work. And I know this makes me sound like the Grinch – but BOOOOOOOOOOOO to mandatory Secret Santa!

I’m not sure why everyone is so excited about the whole Secret Santa thing. I was happy to finally be done my shopping…. now I have another person to buy for. And I seriously don’t even know who this person is. I have 80 people in my department and for all I know this girl got hired yesterday. I’m sure she’s nice and I’m sure she will be gracious about whatever she gets. But I don’t want to spend extra money on another person. I am a real grown up with actual expenses.  Whereas, the majority of my coworkers seem to be extra cute 17 year olds living in their moms houses with major disposable income.

At least I’m not super invested on getting this chick the exact right thing. I don’t even know who she is – so no pressure on finding the perfect gift.

Maybe my dislike of Secret Santa goes back to the time I did it in high school. I got my person some really super cute barrettes and ties and clips and all sorts of mega cute hair accessories and what did I get in return? Steel wool scouring pads. For real. What the hell?! That musta been some weird fluke joke thing gone wrong – but even so, my previous experience makes me highly doubt I am going to get something awesome this time around.

If I get some lame box of tea and a scented candle I am going to roll my eyes. I’m not sure why I think that sucks so much since that’s exactly what I’m giving poor old Julia, or Jennifer, or Jessica, or whoever my person is.

Xmas Secret Santa can suck it. I’d rather spend my few measly dollars on someone I totally love.

Unless someone out there can tell me why Secret Santa Gift Exchanges are so popular and so great…. that might get me to change my mind. C’mon, everyone – I need a little convincing to get my heart to grow 3 sizes!


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12 Responses to Secret Santa

  1. danielle j says:

    Gah! Mandatory SS are not fun at all. I’ve been part of some awesome ones in a groups of friends where everyone cares about everyone else and we all know each other very well and thus can *really* get awesome special things for each other. It is *no* fun doing it for a stranger though.

  2. Cthulhu says:

    There is a set amount that you spend up to, and a single recipient. It encourages you to make a friend or two, and not be all self absorbed. Cause we know you have bought gifts for others and have started on the path of being self absorbed!

    Plus, it’s a little help that might make someone less depressed?

  3. Lynn Bee says:

    Hmmm yes – cheering someone up is always good!

  4. Lynn Bee says:

    I knew it!
    With a group of friends or for family makes sense to save money and can still be super thoughtful. This just seems totally lame.

  5. Mary says:

    If you just get a VS product, the person can return it easily if it’s not the perfect thing. Or food. Food is always good. Next year you can suggest that, instead of SS, everyone contribute to a charitable cause, like gifts or food for a needy family or two.

  6. Lynn Bee says:

    We were specifically instructed NOT to get the gifts from VS. Not entirely sure why… perhaps they are forcing us to put some thought in to it. Of course I love the charity idea! … but yes, a yummy food might be fun. I saw some yummy looking chocolate hazelnut wafer things the other day. Hopefully she’s not allergic to nuts or a vegan or a diabetic or anything….

  7. Mathew says:

    Remember it’s all about giving. Not receiving. Haha. Put some good karma out there, Mrs. What about a McDonald’s gift card?

  8. Lynn says:

    I’d rather barf for a hundred years than subject a human person to eating at McDonalds. Thanks for the suggestion, tho!

  9. Tara MacLean says:

    Have to agree with Danielle J. Mandatory SS are lame – especially when you give something awesome and get back brillo pads in return (seriously – how does this much weird sh$% happen to one person??).

    That being said, Christmas rules so don’t be a grinch!

  10. Susan says:

    Well, trying to think up the perfect gift for every stranger in the universe might be an interesting challenge. Please tell me what it is so I can send it to the few people on my list who haven’t caved to my preference to avoid consumer crazy season.

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  12. Lynn Bee says:

    Turns out I was right to be grinch. I got nothing. Yup. Secret Santa exchange sucks!
    I am trying to put a good spin on it. Maybe the person that got my name is that dumb girl that quit. I’ll pretend her quitting was my present. Best present everrrrrrrrrrr! :P

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