Pepsi Supernintendo

As you may already know – I am gonna have a little wiggly baby. And if you didn’t know… well, then… yay! Congratulations to me on my ability to have successful reproductive sex!

At this stage I’m calling it Pepsi Supernintendo. Seriously, rolls right off the tongue. Try saying it.

This name came about when we talking about maybe having a kid and my one stipulation was that I get to name it – and he was still hesitant about allowing me that honour. Seriously? My one deal breaker and he wasn’t going to give it to me. I told him not to worry because I wasn’t going to name our kid something stupid… like Pepsi Supernintendo. And there you have it. So, for now, lil Pepsi Supernintendo.

But when the time comes I will have an awesome name picked out. I am really fussy about spelling, meaning, phonetics, the whole deal so whatever the little one ends up with will be something good. And probably not Pepsi Supernintendo.

So, how’s it been? Sorta crazy right from the get go.

I will be the first to admit that this seems like a bizarre turn of events. I never thought I would have kids. Oh well, this  baby felt like getting born now. Lil Pepsi Supernintendo already knows who’s the boss.

Unfortunately – learning about biological functions is not my strong suit. It makes me feel all woozy and nauseous. I don’t care to know how bodies work – I’m just glad they seem to function properly most of the time. So I won’t be reading “What to expect when you’re expecting” or anything. Everything I learn sounds terrifying. So I’m reading nothing and trying not to get myself all worked up about all the things that might possibly go wrong during pregnancy.

I’m still sorta hoping this baby will magically get delivered by a stork – because I am fully terrified of having to give birth. Even the stories of birth that goes smoothly sounds like the most awful thing I have ever heard. I thought the easy solution was to have a C-section – but everyone tells me that’s even worse!

I know none of this is even the important stuff. I’m trying not to stress out too much by over thinking things. Crackheads, and alcoholics, and 13 year-olds have babies all the time – we’re gonna do a way better job than those people. I’m probably not going to give birth in the bathroom of a walmart or anything – so that’s a good start, right?

All know is that our baby is going to be super cute (half asian), super short (mom and dad are 10’8″ combined … maybe), and super grouchy (have you ever met either of us?).

I don’t know what else to tell ya. Except I’m not feeling super equipped for this whole endeavour. I know how to put on a diaper and how to use a defibrillator on an infant… but there are probably a few more things I am supposed to know.  And I don’t even own an AED so half my current knowledge is totally useless.

Too bad none of my siblings have babies that I could practice with. And now who is going to give me a bunch of free strollers and old baby clothes? And who is gonna teach me what to ignore and what to worry about? Luckily the daddy’s sister is a super experienced momma and she can give me alllll the tips :)

Let me just say – if anyone wants to baby sit while I shower and nap; you are totally hired. Because I am already tired just thinking about it.

Oh, and I do have a picture of Pepsi Supernintendo – but it kinda looks like an alien. And I am not going to post it here, or anywhere else. People who post their ultrasound picture on Facebook are gross. Who thinks the internet wants to see a picture of the inside of their uterus?


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12 Responses to Pepsi Supernintendo

  1. Mathew says:

    OMG! OMG! You’re WHAT???!?!
    That’s awesome. Congratulations. You amaze me.

  2. Kate says:

    Okay, so it’s true I didn’t produce any children for you to practice with, and there are no hand-me-downs forthcoming. Still, I trust you realize little Pepsi is going to be plenty spoiled by us? An endless supply of Apple products has to be helpful for raising children, right? And besides, I’ll be teaching the little tyke to play drums or bass or something else ultra-practical during visits!

  3. Chelsea says:

    Holy shitballs!! For real?! I’m super excited for you!!! It’s a crazy adventure having a sprog but it’s pretty super awesome. How far along are you?! Eeee so happy for you :D

  4. Mary says:

    Put Jennifer A. on speed-dial!

  5. Lynn Bee says:

    Haha! Okay, Kate. Pepsi can play the drums at your house as a special treat. But not at my house!
    Apple products for a baby? There must be something. My friend swears by her ipad to keep her 1-yr old occupied.

  6. Lynn Bee says:

    Thanks Chels!
    It depends how you calculate. The doctors count the weeks so weird! They say little Pepsi is 15 weeks big.

  7. Chelsea says:

    Yeah, the whole counting from LMP is pretty odd I thought too. Hope you’re feeling good and haven’t been suffering from the dreadful morning sickness. If there’s anything you need, give us a shout :)

  8. Lynn Bee says:

    My morning sickness was in the evening and it was pretty sucky. But it’s all over now! Anything I need….? How about a free daycare for 20 hours a day? That would be great, thanks!

  9. Theresa G says:

    I’ll babysit. I don’t like Pepsi, I prefer diet coke. Does that disqualify me>

  10. Theresa G says:

    I pressed send too soon! Congratulations! New baby in the world! Woot! Woot!

  11. Matt Hambone says:

    Lynn you are lucky Sara didn’t let me name our daughter Coke Sega Genesis or I would be sooooooo mad at you right now.

  12. Matt Hambone says:

    Who am I kidding? I would never name my kid Coke Sega Genesis

    because the Super Nintendo Frickin’ Rulezzzzz

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