The Sweet Spot

I know I haven’t been keeping you updated. Sorry. Here’s where I’m at: I’m roughly halfway done this thing and right now it is the best! I highly recommend being 4 or 5 months pregnant all the time.

Two months pregnant sucked. I felt nauseous all the time. I gagged at the thought of eating. I barfed from brushing my teeth. And I was always WAY too hot… and I don’t mean the good, sexy way. But in the gross, I-feel-dizzy-and-have-to-go-outside-for-fresh-air way. I went through mental coffee and sushi withdrawal. I was subjected to blood test after blood test after blood test (16 in all). And I had to come to terms with the crazy decision of making a person.

I have a feeling being 8 months pregnant is also going to suck a lot: I’ll be a fat giant. I’ll be way too hot again. Insomnia. Having to pee. Out of breath from standing up. Swollen feet. Having to pee. Not being able to sleep on my stomach or back.  None of my clothes fitting properly. Having to pee. Getting kicked all the time. Having to pee.

Not being pregnant sort of sucked too. Periods, PMS, cramps, bloating, worrying about getting pregnant, that painful pinch from ovulating. UGH. I don’t miss any of that AT ALL.

But 4 months pregnant? YES, PLEASE! Everything feels fine…except I always want to have a nap. Which is okay, because now I have an excuse for napping all the time. I don’t actually look too pregnant. I’m not super fat yet – but my boobs are way bigger. Score. I can eat everything, all the time. Yum, yum, yum. No one expects me to lift heavy stuff. Wheeeeee. Everyone caters to my every whim (if I ask). When I say something dumb or mean it’s attributed to hormones or “pregnancy brain”. My skin is cleared up and my hair is nice and shiny from the prenatal pills.

I no longer have any periods or gross barfing feelings AND I don’t have all the pains and aches yet. Hooray for everything!

I recently went to visit a friend who is totally anti getting pregnant. That’s how I used to be too – but while talking to her and hearing her concerns I realized all those little things I was worried about before I got knocked up actually don’t bother me at all.

People I would barely consider acquaintances pat my stomach and it doesn’t freak me out or feel invasive.

Strangers ask me really personal stuff and I don’t care. It’s as though I’m giving out informative advice – instead of feeling as though the questions are rude and intrusive.

The idea of something growing inside me doesn’t totally gross me out. It’s fine and I hardly really notice it right now.

I am coming to terms with going to the doctor non-stop. I’m actually getting good at it. I know what they are going to ask or do and it’s no big deal. And a million doctor’s appointments are a great way to get time off work.

So to sum things up: everything’s going great. Being second trimester pregnant rules. I highly recommend it. And I get to find out in 2 days if little Pepsi Supernintendo is a dude or a lady. Wheeeeeeee!

pepsi supernintendo


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