Ice cream pie

Continuing along the vein of unhealthy desserts I’m bringing you ICE CREAM PIE!


It is the perfect dessert to make when company comes over this summer. Really. Remember when you were a kid going to someone’s birthday party? The best part was always the cake. And if it turned out to be an ice cream cake everyone lost their freaking minds. That’s what this is. Sure, pie is nice and all. But ice cream pie totally kicks regular pie’s ass!

And it’s super simple to make. I promise, because all you need is a a bowl, a spoon, a pie crust, some ice cream, and a little cool whip. Seriously simple. Oh, and a freezer. You’ll need one of those.

First, you’ll need a litre of ice cream. Just get whatever kind is your absolute fav. I’ve had this pie with Oreo, Vanilla, Mint, Nut… etc. Whatever you like will be good. But, if it is available, I would highly recommend Macadamia Nut ice cream.

Next, get a tub of cool whip. Yuck, I know. But just get the little 8 oz tub – not a huge bucket.

Then get (or make) a pie crust. Oreo, chocolate, or graham cracker. What would taste best depends on the type of ice cream you get. But a chocolate pie crust is a safe bet to go with anything.

Do NOT use a regular pie crust. Like tenderflake or whatever – that will be gross.

Now, let the ice cream sit out for a little bit so it gets melty. When the tasty ice cream is mushy you will be able to easily mix the cool whip into it. Otherwise this will take forever and you will break your wrist.

Once the ice cream and cool whip are thoroughly mixed together you can fill the pie crust with the mixture. Don’t worry if there is extra – you can pile this thing up as high as you want. It will still work.

Now top the pie with something…. cookie crumbs, crushed up chocolate bars, chocolate sauce, caramel. I’m sure the topping you settle on will be perfect. Or no topping. This isn’t rocket science. We are not working with hard and fast rules here. You are basically making a sundae. Do anything. I used a sleeve of crushed up oreos last time I made the pie and it was deeeeeelicious. Next time I am going to try a chocolate-espresso sauce. Yum! Little cake cubes or a berry topping would also be great.

Now put the pie in the freezer for a few hours.

And there you have it. A delicious dessert that will be sure to impress (as long as your guests are not vegan, lactose intolerant, or allergic to deliciousness).



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  1. Mary says:

    YUM. I am going to have to lock all the doors to keep myself from going down to ABC and buying ingredients!

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