The Pepsi Challenge

I know what you were thinking: nothing goes together better than babies and gambling. And you are totally right! That’s why I’m having a 50/50 for Pepsi’s birthdate.

For $5- you can make your bet of what day Pepsi will decide to be born.

So feel free to throw $5- at us and pick a day. If you are right, you will get half of all the monies. Pepsi will get the other half in case he needs to go to university one day.

There is also another 50/50 to pick the time of birth. No, it doesn’t have to be the exact time. For $5- you can pick an hour timeslot (ex: 3-4pm).

The actual due date as per my healthcare providers is July 15th. So there is still plenty of time to make your decision to enter either one, or both, of the 50/50 lottos.

I’ll be taking bets up until I go into labour, after that the contest is closed. But first come gets first pick! So if you are feeling especially lucky about July 9th at 3am or something you should place your bets before someone else steals your idea!

Leave a comment below if you have any questions or if you’d like to play the Pepsi 50/50 Challenge!

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