How white is white?

Pepsi still needs a middle name and my mom is pushing for an anglo name. I’m not exactly sure why, but she wants to make sure Pepsi doesn’t forget about his white heritage. I don’t see how he could since he will see his white mom every day. And also … why is our white heritage so great?

But, don’t get me started on that!

Everything else aside, I think white boy names are the worst! All I can think of is total loser names like Barry and Kiefer, and who wants to name their super cute baby a super stupid name like that?

Then I began trying to think of the whitest names of all time.

So far, I’ve got:


Do you have any names that I could add to my list? Or a favourite? So far, I am pretty partial to Potato. Nothing’s whiter than a healthy love of potatoes.

Now this is getting kinda fun. But don’t tell my mom. She had her chance, and she named 3 super cute babies super boring white names. So, I won’t be listening to any of her suggestions.

But, I’m open to yours!


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