How white is white?

Pepsi still needs a middle name and my mom is pushing for an anglo name. I’m not exactly sure why, but she wants to make sure Pepsi doesn’t forget about his white heritage. I don’t see how he could since he will see his white mom every day. And also … why is our white heritage so great?

But, don’t get me started on that!

Everything else aside, I think white boy names are the worst! All I can think of is total loser names like Barry and Kiefer, and who wants to name their super cute baby a super stupid name like that?

Then I began trying to think of the whitest names of all time.

So far, I’ve got:


Do you have any names that I could add to my list? Or a favourite? So far, I am pretty partial to Potato. Nothing’s whiter than a healthy love of potatoes.

Now this is getting kinda fun. But don’t tell my mom. She had her chance, and she named 3 super cute babies super boring white names. So, I won’t be listening to any of her suggestions.

But, I’m open to yours!


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9 Responses to How white is white?

  1. Chelsea says:

    What about Pepsi? ;). Don’t forget about what the initials will be too….like A.S.S would be bad.

    Or you could just not go with a middle name, if you can’t find something you like.

  2. Tara says:


    Potato pretty much rules though. I say stick with it.

  3. rhi says:


  4. Lynn Bee says:

    Ha! Thanks everyone.
    Since my sister had to grow up with the initials B.S. I’m pretty aware of the whole “initials can ruin your life” thing. Thanks, I’ll be sure not give him ASS initials!

  5. Kate says:

    Given their contentious history with the Anglo-Saxons, how could you resist a nice Welsh name? Still blindingly white but also exotic. Ranging from the outlandish Twrgadarn or Amerawdwr to plenty of less annoying options like Kai and Gwyn. See for lots and lots of options, only some of which are utterly boring.

    Of course it would help if we knew what his first name options were…

  6. Mary says:

    Perhaps “Whitney” since “white” is right there in it.

  7. Lynn Bee says:

    Interesting. I always think of Whitney as a woman’s name. So at first I read that as “Whitey”. Ha!

  8. Lynn Bee says:

    ohhhhh! I do know a couple Welsh…ies. They are pretty super. Good suggestion! And you will know Pepsi’s first name soon enough ;)

  9. Susan says:

    Ah – HAH! Gotcha.
    Don’t read this if you don’t want suggestions of perfectly adorable whitey names like Blake and Alan and Paul – I wasn’t responsible for William. If all you could think of was, like, Humphrey, no wonder you want more suggestions. (You forgot George, best left to royalty.) Then there’s JimBob, BillyJoe, Bubba . . . . Do the Welsh ones come with a pronunciation guide?

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