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I had a referral from my doctor, and, as is common for referrals – I had zero information about the organization or the services they provide. So, I had some general questions about their services and what I was in for.

I’m not much for referrals or doctors appointments, but I decided to give them a call to get some of my questions answered and set up an appointment.

However, the woman answering the phone was slightly less than helpful.

I told her this was an initial visit, she informed me that the next available appointment wasn’t until June 4th. I said that would be totally fine, and she told me they would call me the day before as a reminder.

Then, before I could get a word in, she abruptly hung up on me.

It was not a mistake, we were not disconnected, there was nothing wrong with the line. She hung up. So, I had no information about their services. I don’t know the time of my appointment. Nor do I  know the location of their offices.

Now, I’m not in desperate need of their services, nor am I what you would call a fragile person. But she was so rude and unhelpful that I don’t even want to use the referral to go to them for help with my problem.

And what is the referral for you ask? Why, it is for pregnancy and mental health, of course! I had to stop taking my medication when I got knocked up and I am considered a high risk for post-partum depression.

This jerky lady works in a specialized field of mental health! And I’m sure some of the women referred to their offices are in desperate need of their services or would consider this to be a last resort. However, this woman is totally off putting. And it makes me nervous that she is the “face” of this organization as she is the first person people will interact with when they reach out for help.

And I know you are thinking “well, Lynn you can be sort of…. intense. Are you sure it wasn’t you being the jerk?”

Yes, I’m sure. Because my doctor asked if I ever called that place and then she asked if they were mean to me.  So, it seems like they have a bit of a reputation.

I hope this woman (Kim. Was it Kim? I think her name was Kim….) realizes she is miserable at her job and switches to another field before she really does some damage. If she wants to remain in a health and well being related position…. maybe prision doctor? I think she would be better at that.

…..I think I’ll be better off if I just get some B complex and skip my appointment.


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