Are you sick of this yet?

Some people keep asking me for updates on how goes the Pepsi growing. I’m sorta surprised. Maybe it’s because it’s all I ever talk about and I assume you are all as sick of it as I am.

Well, for those of you who aren’t tired of hearing about it…. this one’s for you!

I’m at 30 weeks. What does that mean? Well, I’m in the home stretch with only 10 weeks to go. But it’s also the time where everything sort of starts to suck. As my friend said ” it’s just getting more and more broken every day from now on”. That’s pretty accurate.

As soon as I hit 7 months my stomach muscles separated in a weird way they weren’t supposed to. Which means I can no longer elegantly get up from sitting or lying down. It’s a lot of shuffling and rolling and trying not to use my stomach or back muscles. It makes me feel both extremely graceful and lady-like.

The muscle thing doesn’t exactly hurt. Sometimes it makes my stomach sore, but the worry is that I’ll use all the wrong muscles and wear my back out. Plus, when I do move the wrong way my broken stomach muscles pop out and it fully disgusts me (picture alien popping out of abdomen circa Alien 1979).

At the same time my flimsy old lady knee decided I was entirely too fat and decided to start acting up. That wasn’t a huge surprise. Gaining 40 lbs in 7 months will do that to joints. And we can also add busted hips to the list of failing joints.

I am rapidly becoming exhausted and annoyed by everything. A 20 minute walk is a huge endeavour. It’s a struggle to work even 5 hour days. I feel useless at work and like a totally lame-o for asking someone to give me their seat on the skytrain.

I don’t ever want to be carrying anything. When did an empty purse and a sweater get way too heavy to carry? Which means no more grocery shopping. Sadness. Grocery shopping is one of my favourite outings.

No, seriously. I used to do it every other day and I really enjoy it.

What else is going on?

A couple months ago I was worried Pepsi wasn’t moving around enough. Now he is freaking out at all times. He wakes me up at 5 to practice his karate moves and seems to be trying to rearrange my stomach at all times. He doesn’t seem to know there isn’t anywhere to go and all his stretching and wiggling is for naught. However, I now can not only feel his moving, I can see it. The way he disfigures my stomach is kinda gross and I try not to look at it – but it’s also hypnotizing. Like watching a lava lamp.

Also people just keep making more and more unwanted comments: Yes, I know I’m pregnant. Of course I’m tired. Yes, my feet hurt. No, I’m not due “any day now”. No, I don’t want to go for drinks. Yes, I can still walk. No, I won’t name my baby after you. Yes, I’m still working.

The number of people shocked that I am still working is bizarre. Do they think having a baby is free and I can just stop working willy-nilly whenever I want?
La-de-dah! I’m tired today. Think I’ll quit my job and rely on Santa Claus to pay my rent.

Okay, I did call in sick today. But that’s only because my entire left leg is throbbing from hip to foot and there is no way I am going to be walking anywhere, even at home.

The 4 hours of sleep I got didn’t help too much.

I’m not exactly sure why I can’t sleep. Insomnia during pregnancy is extremely common, so I’m not surprised. It seems to be due to a combination of factors: hormones, stress, heartburn, pain, leg cramps, needing to pee…. so, let’s just categorize it as general uncomfortableness.The little bit of sleep I do get is good – but then I’m super wide awake after only a few hours.

The good news is that I am still fairly healthy. I didn’t develop gestational diabetes, which is very common. Pepsi is strong and wiggly. My heartburn is starting to calm down. And that nose bleed I had for the past 5 months seems to be gone.

But I am still stressed out by… everything. We have a lot to do in the next couple months to get ready for this little wiggle baby. And that includes having a baby shower.

I swear I am trying to get around to planning that. And yes, you will be invited. So far my wish list includes a nursing pillow and a left leg transplant….

But I do have an actual registry I’m working on. You can check it out on the Babies R us Canadian site….as long as you remember that my city is now Richmond :P


baby size chart

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  1. rhi says:

    Internet says Pepsi is the size of a large cabbage now.

    On a related note I have decided to make my own kimchi.

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