Fundraising Failure

Okay – as you may know, I have signed up again for the annual SPCA Paws for a Cause 5km walk to help fight animal cruelty.

However, I have not been as successful in actively fundraising  this year as I have been in the past. I have been registered for a month and have only raised 16% of my goal.

But I did convince my lovely friend Rhiannon to join me for the walk. Which I consider a big win. Volunteering and fundraising is more fun when friends join in.

BUT, guess what happened while I was out walking around enjoying bunnies and turtles and the nature of Minoru park this afternoon?

Rhiannon registered for the walk, started fund-raising, raised more money than me, and has turned this into a competition in which she is kicking my butt.

Good for her.
Good for the animals.
Boooooooo to me.

Why do I suck at fundraising this year?
Probably because I went on maternity leave before I could raise a single dollar from my co-workers. And since Rhiannon works at Whole Foods. With their fundraising animal loving culture… I am doomed to fail.

Okay…. not fail. Every little bit helps and I have already raised $100 from some very kind hearted people. But she will undoubtably beat me at this animal fundraising thing.

So…. in case you don’t want to see me fail and you are feeling particularly generous here is a link to my fundraising page:

Lynn’s SPCA Fundraising Page

And – here is a link to Rhiannon’s page in case you would prefer donate to her fundraising efforts instead. I understand. She is extremely likeable.

Rhiannon’s SPCA Fundraising Page

Either way – a little healthy competition between friends can only lead to better results for our end goal: helping the BC SPCA raise some dollars so they can continue to help out all the domestic, wild, and farm animals in need.

If you want to join the walk or help out in another way (besides an online donation) please give me a shout.

And I can sweeten the deal with wild promises of baking you thank you cookies, or you know, naming my first born son after you (which is only a couple weeks away). Or what have you.

I welcome your support in any form!



Here are some pics of my walk around Minoru park from earlier today. When I probably should have been out fundraising….

Minoru Park


Wild bunnies eating clover at Minoru Park

Wild bunnies eating clover at Minoru Park

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    Wow–beautiful pictures!!

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