What a nice day to file some paperwork

Well, I have filed what I hope is the final bit of my divorce paperwork.

I say that every time I file anything. But I really think this is the last bit. Whew!

It’s taken months and cost a lot (in dollars and in stress). But I am so happy that it’s finally getting done. We broke up like 2 and a half years ago…. so it’s about darn time!

I was hoping he’d get around to doing it since I’m super broke and it costs like a thousand dollars to get this divorce….. but I must have forgotten that I married the least organized person on planet earth. So, of course I had to do everything and pay for everything.

I only asked him for one thing. To hand over the marriage certificate so I could begin proceedings. And that alone took him like 3 months to accomplish.

I was hoping to have this all finalized before my baby was born. But, not so much. I will have submitted all the documents and everything – but we won’t officially be divorced before little Pepsi Supernintendo shows up. Darn. That’s just how it goes. Even though everything has been filed in a timely manner – the court takes approximately 6 weeks to process a divorce. And then there is an additional 31 day waiting period before it’s all finalized. So, 3 more months…. approximately.

At least I’m done all my parts so I don’t have to schedule appointments or figure anything out with a little crying baby in tow!

And I’m super happy I don’t live somewhere dumb like Texas.

In Texas, you are not allowed to get a divorce while pregnant and they automatically put the spouse down as father of the baby on all the official paperwork!

Jeeeeez, Texas! What if you’ve been separated for a couple years but cannot afford a divorce (or it’s not a priority). Then you meet the love of your life and have a baby? Texas seems really ridiculous to those of us who are slightly less traditional…..


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