The Winter Warmth

This morning a young guy hopped into the elevator with me. He was wearing simply a pair of basketball shorts and a tank top. Seeing as how it was only about 30 degrees outside today, I probably gave him one heck of a bizarre look.
He responded to the look by asking me excitedly if the sauna here was any good.
I tried to hide my revulsion and distain as I replied that I hadn’t actually tried it out.
He was shocked, SHOCKED that I hadn’t tried the sauna yet.
I gave him another look, this time it was one usually reserved for calming the mentally ill, and cheerfully told him to enjoy.

Young people are so naive.

First of all, I didn’t even know this building had a sauna.

Second of all, I was with my infant son in the elevator.
This mean several things that all generally beyond the realm of comprehension by young people:
-If you have an infant, it is with you 99% of the time. This means you probably aren’t spending your 1% of free time sitting around in saunas.
And I don’t think it is advised that you bring the baby into the sauna with you.
And I’m pretty sure it’s illegal for me to leave my little baby at home alone while I pop out to the sauna.

Finally, I didn’t want to ruin this young guy’s joie de vivre, but I am quite certain the sauna in our building totally sucks. Even if I had known of it’s existence, and didn’t have a baby, I would never actually set foot in it.
Because we don’t live in some plush country club or health spa.
We live here, in a crummy, dirty, drafty, old apartment building:


So it is doubtful that our sauna is top of the line.
Or well sealed.
Or clean.

I just hope that high spirited young fella didn’t catch some weird disease.

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