My friend recently got a job at Clearly Contacts which got me jealous thinking about all the cool frames she would be getting on the cheap.
Then I remembered Clearly Contacts is pretty cheap to begin with and they have great deals all the time. So instead of being jealous, I could just buy myself some spiffy new frames!

I first needed to get an eye exam as I hadn’t had one for a few years and my prescription had probably changed.

The exam actually went quite well. They didn’t use those damn dilating drops that blur your vision for hours and I didn’t really need a new prescription because my vision was pretty much the same.
However, the optometrist told me I might need laser eye surgery and referred me to a specialist.

BOOOOOO! What a suck-o outcome to what I assumed was going to be a routine exam.

Apparently, the tiny holes in my eyes that the fluid drains out of are extra small. And they only shrink as we age.
So, theoretically, in 2…5…10 years my tiny eye holes (actually called Trabecular Meshwork) will get so small they will close up and then the fluid won’t be able to drain and the pressure inside my eye will build.
That’s how glaucoma happens.

I know you are all thinking “Glaucoma! Awesome! You can totally smoke weed all day!”.

I probably could.
And I would have to.
Smoking pot only lessens the pressure in the eye for a couple hours, so I would have to be smoking pot all day long to maintain the necessary effects.

Weed isn’t even really recommended to treat glaucoma any more.
Unless your doctor’s a quack.
And that type of treatment is for when you already have glaucoma and are trying to prevent any further damage to the eye.

Currently, my eyes are just fine. The reason for this particular surgery is to prevent glaucoma by making the holes in the meshwork bigger so the fluid can continue to drain properly.

And though this is a totally minor surgery that takes approximately 15 seconds, it still makes me very uncomfortable to think about it.
I was brought up thinking lasers weren’t supposed to be aimed into your eyes.

Hopefully, the specialist will determine my eyes are just fine and the optometrist who referred me was mistaken.

I’ll find out in February.

Until then, damn you, Jaclyn for getting a job at Clearly Contacts.
I am blaming this whole fiasco on you.

glaucoma eyes

Anyway – I assume the whole thing will go something like this

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3 Responses to Optical

  1. Susan says:

    Thanks for the physiology class, Lynn, and thanks, Jaclyn, for alerting Lynn to a simple way to avoid a bad problem. Really, the blame probably goes to me because moms generally get blamed for everything – no, wait, let’s blame your now defenceless dad.

  2. danielle says:

    Eeeep! I hope the Specialist does say everything is fine! Aubrey had to go to an eye specialist a couple of years ago because of bright spots in his vision that stayed around for a few days (or something like that) and the Specialist couldn’t find anything wrong and then his vision went back to normal.

    I wish your mesh healthy sized holes.

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